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Summer Breeze Open Air 2010 – day 2

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copyright photo’s: Monica Duffels

The second festival day is filled with male-bands: deep grunts, finger fast guitar solos and long hair waving around. Summer Breeze Open Air is well organised, but there is one essential critic about this German festival. The live bands perform till 4 am, and the next morning the first band begin around 13 hours. Together with the noise from the camping, you can imagine that you only sleep three or four hours a night. That isn’t very healthy to survive a long weekend, but it  is more than worth it!

After the cold night, the first band I hear in the background is the German one Letzte Instanz. With their sing-along melodies and happy vibe they easily wake-up the audience. The second day it is hardest one, because there is a different atmosphere in compare with the day before.  Also more waiting hours between the bands on the Friday.

Again a Finnish band is represented this day Ensiferum. Their folk metal is very popular and it is totally packed in the front, the dust is circling around in the moshpit. People are singing along, with a horn in their hands and from the beginning ‘ From Afar’ till the end with ‘ Token of Time’ and ‘Iron’ they enjoy it fully. The band is perhaps a bit tired, because I have seen a better feedback on the crowd. Petri Lindroos his voice dominates, but there is a big side role for the bass player Sami Hinkka with his long beard and funny faces. A long setlist with an interesting show, good sound and a nice performance; so it isn’t hard to redeem the high expectations!

Anathema, is scheduled around dinner time, but totally unexpected many fans are gathered around the Pain stage.  Years ago I saw the band of the last time and today they surprise me more than I ever could expect. The atmosphere is perfect with the low sunbeams, what covers the green field in a golden craze. The first song ‘Deep’ is raw with low bass riffs, dominating drums and on top and the remarkable voice of Vincent Cavanagh. Getting older has an advance; his voice is getting deeper and deeper.  Luckily the sunglasses are down, before the song is finished so we can see the feedback on the crowd. He is very natural and almost too modest on stage, but it fits the music perfectly. It doesn’t need any performance besides the intense emotions and devotion to the music.

‘Empty’ is a very spherical song with many guitar lines, and a voice that guides you true a undiscovered landscape. The keyboards from Les Smith are more on the background, but the solo parts are very peaceful and the feedback from the audience is impressive, it is crowded and lot of response.  Anathema is a fresh shower on a warm day, an intense performance in compare with all the technical bands. On first sight it seems that they are totally misplaced, but after a while they drag you into their music and it makes you silent. Their setlist is a good mixture between old en new songs. All dressed in white, is also a very refreshing performance. The whole show is very dynamic, without many efforts. There is enough interaction between them and the crowd. Bass player Jamie Cavanagh runs around, waving to the people with a big smile on his face.

During the intro of ‘Closer’ people start to scream and clap very loud, and it is for sure one of the highlights in the set.  Vincent behind the piano and only his dark voice; a fragile side of this band. Vocaliste Lee Douglas is a full-flegded member and has a Dio way to create a fragile, still stong element in a song. Like on ‘A Natural Disaster.’ A rare moment when Vincent talks to the audience, referring with this song to this festival, saying: ‘ An anecdote to the 130 bands in one weekend!’  The vocal ensemble between the the brothers makes you shiver and for a short moment all the background noise is forgotten or the smell of beer, Anathema touches your emotions in a way you never can dream of, unforgettable! The last diamond is from their fist album ‘Sleepless’ is more progressive with dark guitar parts. The band will return in the Autumn with an own clubtour, and the expectations are there since this excellent performance.

End Of Green is a German band from Stuttgart, and very populair among the festival visitors. The release of ‘High Hopes In Low Places’ (Silverdust Records) is in the same weekend and no wonder that many people are curious to hear new songs live on stage.  Vocalist Michael Huber has some similarities with HIM with a strong English accent, eye make-up, black hair covering his eyes and dramatic performance. Many people are singing along during ‘Weakness, Demons, and Drink Myself To Sleep.’  With a strong fanbase they guarantee a dynamic show, and it is no surprise that the new album is even more catchy and successful.

Headliner Hypocrisy is the main band around frontman, songwriter and guitarist Peter Tagtgren. This Swedish melodic death metal band is since their start in the early nineties very popular and their latest album ‘A Taste Of Extreme Divinity’ is a strong and powerful release. A strong machine of long haired musicians are creating a wall of music, without getting raw and blurry in their sound like Cannibal Corpse earlier that day. The voice of Peter is very melodic and extreme dynamic from screams to deep grunts in less than a second.  ‘Fractured Millenium’ sets the tone for uptempo, groovy death metal in an unique format. There is no band as heavy as melodic at the same time.

A bombastic show with lots of light, makes it an excellent show and well deserved headliner of the Main stage!  They rise above all bands today and with a good reason. The charisma of the whole formation, dynamic songs and the fact that they keep your interest says enough. It fades away the long hours and cold, after the catchy song ‘ Let The Knife Do The Talking‘ and ‘Warpath’ the last one ‘Roswell 47’ for one last time units the power and technical talents. Each time Hypocrisy surprises you and convince in their strength, excellent!

Orphaned Land is a progressive metal band from Israel, playing in front of a very enthusiastic crowd.  Before them Dutch band Hail Of Bullets brings a wall of technical metal in a bad performance, sad enough their sound is very band. Luckily when vocalist Kobi Farhi enters the stage in a white toga the sound is much better.  ‘Birth Of The Three (The Unification)’ immidiatly shows you that this is a special band, not only because of their roots. The message on stage is stronger with the promotion of their fourth album ‘’ The never ending way of ORwarriOR.’  After every song the energy grows because of the natural charism of Kobi and also the other members are very active on stage. Ocean Land (The Revelation) is a well known hit and the tent is packed for sure! Halfway the set a female dancer grabs the attention and all the adrenaline is bound in one song ‘Norra El Norra (Entering The Ark)’. I wish they performed on the main stage, because they deserve an higher position on the list. There is no band like them and each time they grow more and more into their set. A perfect ending of a very dynamic  festival day.

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