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Summer Breeze Open Air 2010 – day 3

copyright text: Silviapd
copyright photo’s: Monica Duffels

The last day begins with a promising sunshine. It seems that everyone wants to show all their energy for the last time, and there is an unforgettable feedback on every band this day. When for the last time the bags are counted, a double feeling occurs: it was a long week without my favourite habit (a long shower), so I am longing for home. But Dinkelsbuhl became a new home too. Where bands are easily amenable, fans are always optimistic, and the German politeness is heart warming.  Driving around the church, down the hill, passing green fields to the highway (where we totally give full power in our yellow bird) the complete happiness is there. Summerbreeze makes the summer complete and I am very thankful it exits, this little escape from reality.

It is a fact that a ray of sunlight make people happy and with a golden waze, the gods are with us today. There is no green grass left, because the whole field is packed. A dynamic crowd welcomes Van Canto and stays enthusiastic till the end.  The band has an easy start, because they are so unbelievable popular. I saw them once, but this time the power is unprecedented. They introduce themselves as ‘We sing some metal songs for you  A capella.’ It is erudite and very talented how this formation manages to create such a natural sound, not indistinguishable from the original.

Opener ‘Lost Forever’ (own composition) immediately grabs the attention, front woman Inga Scharf has a high pure voice, a perfect contrast with the heavy men parts producing the sounds of guitars, rhythm section and accompanied by Bastian Emig on drums. The high and poppy voice from Dennis Schunke is a real eye-catcher and also he is a natural front man with a lot of charisma. Touring in Europe with Blind Guardian at the moment, no wonder they cover ‘Bards Song ’ with strong melodies, two high voices and five vocalists, the drummer also participates.

The crowd gets crazy on ‘Master Of Puppets’ and it is in my eyes even better than the original with compliments to their energy and intensity. It is not only their talented voices, but also the natural charisma and the pleasure they reflect on the crowd and so easily to like. It gives you pimples to see all those hands in the air. ‘Fear Of The Dark’ is last song of a much too short set, and the big climax.  They give the audience so much energy, good music and a big smile on their faces. Vielen Dank Vocanto!

For many years vocalist Liv Kristine is the figurehead of female singers in the metal. She invented the gothic metal, and with Leaves’ Eyes she developed a whole new style. With their recent album ‘Njord’ the success is taking a big step forward.  Tortured by the sun, but with all the energy they got presenting an excellent setlist, the best I have seen of them.  ‘Emerald Island’ is a personal favourite and it starts to bubble inside me. With bombastic arrangements, groovy guitars and the powerful voice of Liv Kristine the adrenaline is soon on the surface.

It is also very special to see them perform for their own crowd, with many fans and a very, very excited clapping crowd! Dutch team JB from Aborted (bass) and Sander van der Meer (guitarist) has a more heavy sound and together with the new drummer Roland Navratil  (ex-Sirenia) the set is very uptempo and powerful.

It is like Liv Kristine says: ‘Good that you face the heat’ and that the sign for the security to move the fire hose and that makes the crowed even more excited.  On ‘Farewell Proud Men’ Liv Kristine shows what a good front woman she is, moving her dress, arms and easily produce such a high clear tone. Fascinated, and a real eye-catcher! Also grunter Alex Krull knows how to create a good atmosphere. Like on the latest hit ‘ Take The Devil In Me.’ Everyone is waving their hands, singing along and clapping on the rhythm.

The arc of energy is reaching his highest point on ‘Elegy’ the most famous hit. A moment of rest to calm down your heart beat. Once again Liv Kristine ravishes you with her dreamy, fragile voice and sweet smile.  The high guitar sound from Thorsten Bauer fit very well into the Viking story and the atmosphere grows on ‘Froyas Theme’ where the same elements are bound in the most compact, convincing song I ever heard of them. It is this combination of song what reflects to rise of Leaves’ Eyes through the years the best.  There is a lot of interaction on stage and the audience grabs their breath. After so many times they surprise me on unexpected moments, that is their strength. Always demanding the best of themselves, with hard work and lots of energy and that simply reflects on the listener. Impressive!

Every band is totally different, and it is that diversity what creates the best festival day of the whole Summer Breeze edition 2010. Its a strong advice for the upcoming editions. Eisbrecher is an Industial rockband, a genre very vivid in Germany and it is no surprise that front man lives near the festival ground, one hour distant. There is one word for this show: smooth.  Every element is well prepared like performance, sound, entourage.

The bold Singer Alex Wesselky has a deep low voice, although his German is not easy to follow sometimes. Dressed up in a black suit, and hand gloves he looks very catchy and when the clouds cover the sunbeams I bet he is happy to stay sweat-less and shiny. The songs have a lot of references with ice, war and nationalism. Like opener ‘Eiszeit’ or ‘Leider.’ Halway the set someone brings him a new hat, and the big oil tons appears on stage. He starts the intro with a flute and the show element is strongly build up. Sometimes the songs have a poppy beat, even a easy listening part then it is perfectly mixed with metal elements and even cyber gothic. For everyone there is something recognizable and that explains also why the crowd carries them on their hands.

An unprepared moment when guitarist Noel Pix has a bleeding finger ands needs a minute. The tie goes of, hat is trown away and the power continues on ‘Heilig’ and reached the peak on ‘Amok.’ A very convincing and well prepared show of high quality: an excellent first impression.

Finnish band Poisonblack is back with a new album ‘Of Rust And Bones’ after their success with ‘Rush.’ Singer Ville Laihiala, became famous with Sentenced and decided to give this band his full attention. A good choice, because Poisonblack has not only a very poetic name, but also has many freedom to switch easily from doom metal into a more catchy sound.

It is still a big secret why Finnish bands are talented in creating a catchy emotional sound, and it is confirmed again today.  The whole setlist is filled with great melodies, beautiful dark vocals, fast guitar solos and even soft piano parts.  I haven’t heard them in ages, but I immediately recognize ‘Nothing Else Remains’ when I hear the first tones. It stays in your head and that is the strenght of Poisonblack. Of course there is Ville with his hypnosis, deep and unique voice. Over the years he has a raw edge, but it fits very well (or was it the lack of sleep and too much alcohol). Shame that his long hair covers his eyes all the time, somehow there is less interaction with the crowd. And there are many fans, even with banners and tears.

No idea where all those girls came from, but they are popular without any doubt.  Like Ville says:  ‘Not much talking, greets from Finland’ because the set is short, too short. A critic is that they perform very static, also guitarist Janne Markus and hardly to see in the back the other members.  ‘Rush’ is played halfway the set, closed by ‘Bear The Cros.’ I expect a bit more action on stage, and the sound quality was not so good. I think they deserve a higher position on the bill next time. They are very unique, even for a Scandinavian band.

The yellow bird decided to leave a bit earlier, due to expected traffic problems at the end of the day and eight hours in a car is a long way to go. Thank word to the excellent organisation and hopefully till next year!

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