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Tristania, Asrai en Unsun – underworld, London

tekst: Sabrina Smit
foto: copyright http://www.deadbysunrise.co.uk
8 oktober – Underworld, London.

London has a special kick-off, the first show from the European tour from a high qualitated package in the Underworld, an atmospherical venue in London,Great- Brittain. While touring, headliner Tristina is promoting their new and awesome album Rubicon to all fans of gothic-metal. In their slipstream Tristania is accompanied by two incredible support acts: Asrai and Unsun.

Unsun is a Polish band, with ex guitarist Mauser from death metal band Vader, and his wife Aya as front woman. They know how to make a lasting impression to the audience with their growling guitars, double base drums and their extraordinary lead singer Aya, dreamy and really out of this world. There second album Clinic For Dolls is just released, and it is the first tour with new songs like Time, Not Enough and Home on the setlist.

The whole performance of Unsun is full of atmosphere and the music is played with huge dedication. All songs are easy recognisable, each one clearly marked at the head and tail. I really enjoyed the whole show and it is just a starter for the next course. I just want to say to all of you: please visit the bands page on Myspace for much more music of Unsun and discover what you’ve missed. I just can’t get enough.  http://www.myspace.com/unsun


With a totally unique sound, Dutch band Asrai is high respected among gothic fans. The band treated us to nine songs of their albums Touch In The Dark and Pearls In Dirt. The acoustics of the hall is excellent and the female lead singer Magriet has a  clear voice and also a lot of energy, easily convincing the crowd.The band enjoys themselves very much in performing on stage. Most striking is the wide variety of songs, each with very different composition and chanting like Your Hands So Cold, Pale Light and In Front Of Me for example.

Stay, Awaken, Restless, Hollow, Sour Ground and Shadows is the second part of the set, where the energy grows. The band members are real veterans, which shows by the incredible virtuoso performance and their ability to entertain the audience at the same time. Margriet addresses her songs not only to the fans in front of her, but she also knows how to reach the people in the back of the hall.

At the opening of their performance the English crowd initially is very quite in anticipation of all things to come. Heads are turning around in growing astonishment. Asrais performance is an exciting experience. It felt like a thriller and one by one the crowd gets under the spell of this music. In no time people are headbanging like a madman and go through of the experiece of the overwhelming power of Asrai. I know that the band can be really proud of their high quality performance, and this is only the first night of the tour. Check out their tour report and pictures on: http://www.asrai.net.

Tristania, is a Norwegian band existing for more than twelve years. Despite this fact, their new album Rubicon sounds as fresh as ever! Besides new songs, many old ones are played. Each one with the same intensity like they are brand new!

It is the new lead singer Mariangela who is able to resurrect these golden oldies, each garnished with a new and different kind of flavour. The more pompous songs are still recognisable, but with a slight twist. Its amazing that this small lady knows how to produce such a huge sound.

The singing simultaneously with the male backing vocals from Anders and Ole works exquisitely well. The crowd is really hysterical and you see that the band is very pleased with this great opportunity to start their European tour (outside Norway) in the Underworld in London. The concert concludes with a couple of encores. Afterwards there is a very personal meet and greet with this gothic band from Norwegia.

There is a lot of energy tonight and that makes it all very exciting evening in London, with the dark winter outside, the atmosphere inside it warm and cosy. Those Norwegians know how to create a special mood.

Looking back on one of the more memorable gothic-concerts this year, I can only say, that Tristania with their new line-up of musicians is very convincing .This band invented the gothic-metal and they are still standing strong. it is such a pleasure to have them back on stage again, full of energy and passion! I can only recommend you to listen to much more on their Myspace website, where you can listen to new samples from their recent album!

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