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Stratovarius – album update Darkest Hours

One of the most respected power metal bands Stratovarius is releasing  a new EP ‘Darkest Hours‘ on 24 th November 2010, by Edel – Ear Music. The EP will be available on CD, digital download and very limited 12″ vinyl edition. The band around vocalist Timo Kotipelto is busy in the studio, working on their thirteenth new album ‘ Elysium’  scheduled for 14th January 2011.

On the teaser video you hear a lower and darker side of Kotipelto, groovy guitars and uptempo bombastic ensemble of instruments, followed by a very dynamic guitar solo. Also a part of the ballade is giving you a glimpse of the new material. It is a totally different sound. ‘ Infernal Maze’  represents the roots of the bands, with a very dynamic song structure, high guitars and prominent drums.

‘Polaris’ (2009) has been the return of Stratovarius after many line-up changes. Many positive reviews from the media and fans, proved that the band is alive and belongs on the top of the scene, with a high quality level of songs and the unique voice of Kotipelto as their special trademark.

Interview with drummer J.Michael. ” We reached a higher level with this album. Like myself I am more open with the drums and Timo is more confident. ”

For the Dutch readers there is an ‘ Polaris’ cd review and interview on LIVEXS, Dutch version of the weblinks above in English.

Tracks EP ‘ Darkest Hours’
Darkest Hours (from the upcoming album “Elysium”)
Infernal Maze (from the upcoming album “Elysium”)
Darkest Hours (demo version)
Against the Wind (live recording, Sofia, Bulgaria)
Black Diamond (live recording, Göteborg, Sweden)

Statovarius will tour together with Helloween this month from 26th November till 23th January in Europe and Japan. Tourdates on the official website.

teaser video:

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