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Evergrey – new album ‘ Glorious Collision’ release February 2011

Swedish progressive metal band Evergrey has their eight studio album ‘ Glorious Collision‘ in the making. It will be released  on 28 February 2011 on Steamhammer/SPV.

A dynamic goody bag featuring the most diverse material ever released on an Evergrey album. “This may sound like a contradiction in view of our personnel situation, but Rikard and I have allowed more influences on Glorious Collision than ever before. Some elements on Glorious Collision are classic rock, based on a metal format, sometimes the tracks are quiet and haunting, sometimes wild, demanding and gripping.” says Tom Englund, guitarist and vocalist in Evergrey.

Occasionally a musician has to take a step back into the past to develop artistically. Tom Englund took this risk and reorganised his artistic environment. “The most recent Evergrey line-up had reached a point where we no longer had fun as a group,” he confesses, adding: “So we went our separate ways to save our friendship. There were no angry words, and we’re still friends privately.”

Naturally, the decision to break up wasn’t easy for these long-standing friends, especially for Englund and his remaining keyboardist, Rikard Zander, for whom a continuation of Evergrey was never called into question. Yet they both had to face a new challenge: “In the beginning, we weren’t sure whether we’d be able to write a new album without the wealth of experience that the previous line-up brought in. But after Rikard and I had composed a full three numbers during the first week, we felt that was a real coup.”

This diversity is also expressed in the instrumentation of this extremely dynamic studio production which presents the new band members Marcus Jidell (guitar), Hannes Van Dahl (drums) and Johan Niemann (bass)“It’s great to hear what a breath of fresh air Marcus, Johan and Hannes have brought into the band,”Englund enthuses. “Although the entire material, except for two songs to which Marcus contributed on the compositional side, had already been decided when we started recording, they all left their own, very personal mark on this album.” The great experience of Jidell and Niemann, who have worked with acts such as Royal Hunt and Therion, among others, and have now contributed lots of positive energy together with the 20-year-old drummer, Van Dahl, can be felt throughout the album.

Leave It Behind Us * You * Wrong * Frozen * Restoring The Loss * To Fit The Mold * Out Of Reach * The Phantom Letters * The Disease … * It Comes From Within * Free * I´m Drowning Alone * … And The Distance * … And The Distance (“Carina” –  Bonustrack for limited digipak with female vocals)

Evergrey live 2010:
25.11. SE/FI – Stockholm/Turku – Silja Galaxy Cruise
16.12. D-Bochum – Matrix
17.12. NL-Rotterdam – Baroeg
18.12. NL-Kerkrade – The Rock Temple
19.12. D-Ludwigsburg – Rockfabrik
20.12. CH-Pratteln – Galerie

More information on Pettingzoo Propaganda.

Last summer Evergrey performed on the Roadgrill festival, Rotterdam. A very special garage show after a thunder storm. It was a very unique experience to hear the songs in such a setting. Evergrey made a video report of that. (photographer Moon In Virgo had a little intermezzo with the camera man):

live performance of ‘ Words Mean Nothing ‘  

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