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Paul Simon – new single for free download

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Paul Simon released a new single ‘Getting Ready for Christmas Day.’ Also you can download it for free on his official website. A video is made and a facebook page to promote the song.

After the success of the alternative Christmas single from Rase Against The Machine as a statement against X-factor, Paul Simon wrote this new song.

mastermind Paul Simon is working on his new album ‘So Beautiful or So What’ scheduled for April 2011.  It’s been five years after the release of ‘ Surprise‘ (2006, Warner Bros). ‘Wartime Prayers’ is one of the first songs he wrote for that album and it became a hit.

Respect for Paul Simon, over sixty years old and still producing a new sound: interaction with young musicians, no commercial goal, taking risks and every song is ‘impregnated’ of passion and energy.

Every new album is different than the other, and that is a curse or a blessing, ‘ Surprise‘ recheaved the most critics in the media.  The fact is that not many artists can say that the gained so much respect over the years and still have so many ideas.


1. Getting Ready For Christmas Day 4:06
2. The Afterlife 3:40
3. Dazzling Blue 4:32
4. Rewrite 3:49
5. Love and Hard Times 4:09
6. Love Is Eternal Sacred Light 4:02
7. Amulet 1:36
8. Questions for the Angels 3:49
9. Love and Blessings 4:18
10. So Beautiful Or So What 4:07

Last summer Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel had planned a reunion for a North-American tour, but the voice of Garfunkel is diagnosed with vocal cord paresis. Garfunkel recently said in Rolling Stone that he hopes to reschedule the dates this summer: ´My voice is coming back slowly, too slowly. In my bones I feel healthy. I know it´s coming back. I just have to be patient.´ Their hit song ‘ Brigde Over Trouble Water’  is since 1970 one of the top songs in pop history, even covered by Aretha Franklin.

Paul Simon performed solo on North Sea Jazz, The Netherlands in 2008 and a solo tour followed after that in Europe. The expectation is that he will return to promote his new album.

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