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Music Credo – highlights of 2010

The team of Musiccredo wants to wish you a happy new year!

Photography: Moon In Virgo, Marleen van Alphen, Bianca Berger, Edwin v.d. Ende, Henk-Jan Graven, Femke Hansen, Nando Harmsen, Marc de Jong, Nera K, Stephane Odent, Ron Koffeman, Pauline Kraats, Eus Straver, Vlien en S.Deurwaarder.

For Musiccredo 2010 was a very exciting year with many changes. First of all Muzikantenweb changed into this multi-media blog, connected with Twitter (as Musiccredo) and took little steps to an international platform of music journalism. Also some new faces became a part of the team and some left us. Besides that it was an unforgettable year, with many highlights. We tried to capture those moments in this united picture of many artists.

As you can see it was the year of the ‘ ladies’ with Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish) who released her second solo album, Floor Jansen (ex- After Forever) returned on stage with ReVamp and – not only focussing on metal – Chi Coltrane toured in Europe and blew away everyone. Also Beth Hart showed power on her new album with a successful tour together with Stefan Schill; a more than amazing combination, good memories about that.

The year started with Epica together with Trail Of Tears and ended in a very hectic December month with Evergrey, Kreator, Stratovarius and the last one of the pictures Swallow The Sun. Worth to mention is Dutch prog-metal band Stream Of Passion, with their energy, devotion, passion, talent and kindness they made 2010 very special. Also a huge thank word to Kreator & crew for filling the year with music, adventures, crossing borders and cosy moments. Some very nice memories are collected on the road (I still can smell the phyros).

The year isn’t complete without the summer festivals. The Zwarte Cross edition became a spectacular success, with performances from Caro Emerald, The Baseballs, Normaal, My Dying Bride and so on. It always feels like home to be there, and with the warm welcome, motors, music a real paradise for a weekend. An other totally different paradise is Fortarock; beautiful weather, a excellent line-up and many familiar faces made it a perfect summer day.

Then there was Summer Breeze Open Air, strongly connected to Barren Earth. This Finnish prog-metal band stood for the first time on such a big festival and I enjoyed every second of it, even with tears and sweat it was a heavenly moment. Leaves’ Eyes played one of their best gigs there in the hot sun and I was united with friends from all over the world.

It was the year of the return from K’s Choice, and also Tristania surprised everyone with their new line-up and earthshaking album. The European tour is a real highlight and with on top of that Metal Female Voices Fest 2010! It was a reunion of bands, friends, crew from all over the world. I never saw so many friendly people in one day! It was also the year where Amy Macdonald shared the stage with Pearl Jam. The year where Beth Hart and James Blunt released a new album, both with a passion for California. No surprise that the two top hits of Musiccredo are the report of Metal Female Voices and the cd review of James Blunt.

Last but not least, this wasn’t possible without the support of labels, bands and managements. Especially I want to thank the venues for their collaboration, Mike from Napalm Records, David from Silverdust, Peter & Cinderella Schaap, Leaves’ Eyes, Kreator, Stream Of Passion, Edel, Peaceville, Nuclear Blast and all those others. The list is too long to mention everyone, but I am very thankful for every accreditation, interview and support.

May 2011 bring you tons of musical-highlights!

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