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Anette Olzon – record song ‘Angel’

tekst: Silviapd
foto: Femke Hansen (Nightwish, Ahoy 2009)

Anette Olzon, vocalist from Finnish metal band Nightwish has recorded a special song called ‘Angel ‘ with a very personal meaning for the singer.

She writes on her official blog today:  “One year ago I wrote this blog post about a big loss for the world, for Niclas (from Anette’s pre-Nightwish band ALYSON AVENUE), me and lots of friends of a girl name Hanna Ekstrand, who committed suicide.”

“She was born on the exact same date and year as me: 21 of June 1971. Her daughter and Nemo – He is Anette’s five-month-old son with boyfriend Johan Husgafvel (bassplayer of the Swedish metal band PAIN)- has the same birthday.”

“Which has always made me feel ‘closer’ to her destiny. Her life ended far too soon last year on January 7, and tomorrow it’s been one year since that dark dayNiclas has made a song for her called ‘Angel’ where I recorded the vocals. We made this song for Hanna and her children. Thomas Löyskä (from Alyson Avenue) has made a special memorial site for Hanna, where you can listen to Niclas song and read the lyrics.”

Anette writes openly: “Hanna, just like me, would have turned 40 this year. I have seen her since we were teenagers, I know her daughter. She was such a beautiful person and soul and I will always remember her for that happy, shiny person she was in our younger years. Glowing at every party and making heads turn;=) Hanna — you have touched so many and we miss you. We know you are looking down from heaven as an angel and I hope you like the song that are made just for you. Rest in peace.”

Website: http://alysonavenue.se/hanna/

Anette Olzon is currently working on new material, together with the other members from Nightwish. The album is scheduled for 2012. After an intense tour from 2007 till 2009 to promote Dark Passion Play, the formation has a break to write new songs.

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  1. Şarkı Dinle
    12/01/2011 at 18:54

    Thank you for sharing this with us. We’ll follow up. Also, I love music. I’m sorry English is not very good:)

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