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Nightwish – Marco Hietala reveals more about new album

tekst: Silviapd
foto: Femke Hansen (Ahoy, Rotterdam 2009)

Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish has a break for a year to work on new material, since their last show in September 2009 After intense touring from 2007 till 2009 to promote their ‘ Dark Passion Play’ album.  They started recording in October as mastermind Tuomas Holopainen (keyboards/songwriter) writes in their  Summercamp Diary:

So again we are here (village of Sävi) in the deepest countryside of Finland beginning to create a follower for Dark Passion PLay. I have 12 songs completed now, but am still working with some lyrics. It’s been an immensely fruitful songwriting process, as well as very consuming and ponderous. But I feel more satisfied with the stuff than ever before. Don’t know if it’s a good sign or bad. To me the album sounds like a rollercoaster ride..”

Again Nightwish will record a demo when all the songs are arranged, to start the orchestration process after that. Tuomas states: ” Again, the London orchestra and choir will be there, as well as Mr. Troy Donockley playing a slightly bigger part this time. And loads of new elements ‘n twists we haven’t tried before!”

Commented bassist/vocalist Marco Hietala: “At the moment I have most of the bass tracks for the new album recorded. I started already a few weeks back, but I’ve been taking my time with the recordings.

It’s the luxury of having your own equipment and a former job as studio engineer. For now I’ve been taking it pretty easy for the last two weeks. The holiday season and all that goes with it, you know…”

He continues very openly: “Right now I’m collecting my inner plutonium for the critical mass again. I always do that before recording something. After all, we’re not a pop band, and these songs need some really serious explosives. Too bad you can’t hear them yet. I just had to twist the knife here… I’m a sadist also. The songs are really good, by the way. Of course we all would like to see this project finished, released and out for all the world to hear.”

On the 5th of January he writes in the 7th Studio Diary on the website of Nigthwish:
The success we’ve been blessed or cursed with is demanding in its own ways. Everything has to be planned in long term. All the parts of releasing albums, videos and tours have to match carefully when you get to this stage of things. And so we all get fed up with the waiting.Try to be patient and we’ll do our best to reward you later on.”

According to  Emppu Vuorinen, it’s nearly done with his guitar recordings: ” We have done four comp tracks to all the songs plus half of all the leads.” (The solos and acoustics are left to record after the orchestral sessions). Marco Hietala is also finished with his bass recordings:  “So now we basically just wait for arranger Pip Williams and Tuomas Holopainen, to get the orchestral arrangements sorted out for the London sessions in February.”

Regarding the musical direction of the forthcoming album, singer Anette Olzon recently wrote on her official blog, “I think it’s a great and varied CD. The feelings in it are great and there are a lot of elements in it, so I am sure it will have many different favorite songs for the listeners since the songs are so different in styles and sound. ‘Dark Passion Play’ is a great album and this one, too, so I don’t know yet which one I like more, but, of course, for me personally, this one feels better to do since the songs are more adjusted to my voice and my style.

Photo’s from studio diary on their website.

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