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Mary And The Black Lamb – As The City Sleeps (EN)

text: Helena Torstensson

band: Mary and the Black Lamb
title: As The City Sleeps
genre: alternative/ gothic metal
release Date: 2011
label: own release

Mary And The Black Lamb was formed in 2007. It was a brainchild of Lindz Riot and Nixon Cutz that began as a recording project that flourished into an up and coming live music group with the addition of Jordan Caverly, Matt Kelly and Scott Brindley.

With their ability to combine the hooks and dance-ability of pop music with hard hitting power of metal Mary and the Black Lamb use their fable driven imagery to challenge the notion of “childlike innocence”. On the path of promoting their debut album “As the City Sleeps” Mary and the Black Lamb has been honored to share the stage with the likes of The Birthday Massacre, Alannah Myles, Johnny Hollow and Daedalean Complex.

After spending some time with this album I am surprised why this band is unsigned, because their debut album is filled with a good combination of catchy and cool songs as well as more fragile and slower ones. Cool and edgy guitars kind of meet you at the door when the first song “She is” kick-starts the album. The dark and rough sound blends perfectly with the singerLindz Riot´s voice. “Departed” is a catchy and charming song with a chorus that easily got stuck on my mind. The relaxed sound and feeling this song brings mixes very well with the smart lyrics that have me smiling since they ring very true in my ears.

On my way to listen through this album I found one song that instantly caught my interest and had me hitting repeat for a couple of times before I was ready to continue and listen to the rest of the album, it´s of course “Emily” that I am talking about. What I like most with this song is the playful and in a way innocent tone, the strong and moving lyrics and that the vocals sounds like two persons singing against each other – it creates something different and special. I love the way it all speeds up towards the end.

Stranger” begins simple with clean music and very poetic and beautiful lyrics, the chorus brings darkness into the song with edgy and good sounding guitars. I enjoy hearing the keyboard flowing in and out of focus during the whole song and the whispering vocal in the end creates a darker atmosphere.


1. She is
2. Stay Away
3. Departed
4. Gone
5. Emily
6. The Price
7. Not the Girl
8. Forget You Now
9. Stranger
10. Silence

Line up
Lindz Riot – Vocals
Nixon Cutz – Guitar, Vocals
Matt Kelly – Piano, Programming
Jordan Caverly – Bass
Scott Brindley- Drums

myspace: http://www.myspace.com/maryandtheblacklamb
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/maryandtheblacklamb?v=info

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    15/07/2011 at 03:09

    MARY AND THE BLACK LAMB Reveal ‘As The City Sleeps’ Track-By-Track on PureGrainAudio

    Oshawa, ON rock band Mary And The Black Lamb released their 10 track album ‘As The City Sleeps’ back in 2009. Vocalist Lindz Riot has discussed the meaning behind each song on the album and how the band went about writing the songs. Read it on http://www.PureGrainAudio.com (http://puregrainaudio.com/features/mary-and-the-black-lamb-exclusive-as-the-city-sleeps-track-by-track) to get more of an insight to this great album.

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