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Lacrimas Profundere – An open conversation with guitarist Oliver

text: Sabrina Smit
photo: Lacrimas Profundere, Stefan Kerski

Guitarist Oliver is founder of the German dark rock band Lacrimas Profundere, a band who build up a good reputation since their start in the early nineties. Their most recent album get’s  a very good response from the media and fans. No wonder that they are touring around the world and we can reveal the band will perform on the Dutch ‘ Elf Fantasy Fair’ in 2011. A frank and very open conversation with this sympathetic guitarist.

I was rather impressed by your new CD “The Grandiose Nowhere” (Napalm Records 2010), because I think this is your best album so far. The melancholic sound is evolved and it is more rock than ever. I had some great expections about this album and I can only say it is outstanding.
Oliver Nikolas Schmid: Wow, thanx a lot!

Can you please explain how the developing process for this album went, from the beginning until the end?

Oliver: In the beginning of 2009 we wanted to dissolve the band, because nobody wanted to speak or stay in the same room with one person or the others.We all had a sort of a burn out. I had to clear my mind  of all the after-show parties and assimilate all the things that happened at our gigs in Spain, Mexico, UK, Russia, France, Hungary, Swiss and all the others.

It was worse; I can´t remember some of it, because I was so drunk… so we lost the basics. So, this record describes the mood I was in during that process, what reflects in my song-writing. After some months of watching TV, I thought to myself: ‘let’s write some new songs’ and called the others to ask if they were still motivated to do a band rehearsal and talk about the past.

To come to the point: after the first demo recordings I knew that this material is a killer and we should book the studio as soon as possible.  After a month at the Weltraum studios together with John Fryer (HIM, Depeche Mode, Cradle of Filth) and a two-week mixing period, the album was finished and it feels like the drunk brother of “HIM” with bikerboots that nobody wanted at the family celebration.. Or the sweet sister of “The Cult” who has a sideline at the tabledancebar next door! (laughs).

very frankly Oliver continues his story, and learned his lesson:
You know, we have lost a lot and we`ve won a lot in our history.  During this hardest period of the band we composed this album. That’s the reason why it is something special for me and I think you can hear this feeling and my diremption in the songs.

We work in a very classic way: going to the reharsal room with tons of monster riffs and then we work on that. Afterwards Roberto gets the recordings and he tells us what is good for his vocals and what not. Then we change some riffs or keys, that depends. And even in the studio, when John says play it like this, if we like it, we´ll do it. This Album draws you down, spit you out, let you fly and in the next moment you echo on the brick at the rooftop of a high riser with a cigarette in your hand! Hahaha, sounds strange, but, yes, this is our perception of evolution!

How much time have you been in the studio to record this album?

Oliver: It was about four weeks of recordings and Corni and me did the mix for another two weeks.

The producers John Fryer and Corni Barthels, have they been a really good help for you and how was the team work?

Oliver: They drank our beers! (laughs) No, Corni and John know exactly what’s important for the songs, so it was a good teamwork and I am very satisfied with that.

What is for the most surprising element about this album?

Oliver: That we did it! Hahaha.

I know Lacrimas Profundre played  at the Conincx Pop Festival in Elslo, The Nerherlands. A unique opportunity to see the band in our country.  I’ve never heard of that festival and I’ve seen it’s pretty diverse. What do you expect to experience overthere between a singer-songwriter, some electropop, a bit punk, ska and some indierock?

Oliver: An Adventure! You know, we love all kinds of festivals if the organisation is good, the food and the hotelrooms! And in the Netherlands we never had a bad experience! We enjoy every minute. We have many fans in your fantatic country and we can´t wait to rock at the Elf Fantasy Fair in 2011! Hope to see you there, and thanks a lot for the interview.

Thankword to Napalm Records and Oliver for the time and honest conversation.

More information about the band and tourdates on: http://www.lacrimas.com

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