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Within Temptation – more details about new album

The Dutch band Within Temptation is revealing more details about their upcoming album ‘ The Unforgiving.‘ The release is scheduled for March. This week the band plays on the Dutch show ‘ Vrienden van Amstel,’ from 21 till 28 January, Ahoy Rotterdam. There are still tickets available, expecting that the band will perform some new songs on stage.

Also a totally new website concept is launched, with more interaction, news and an own TV studio update from Robert Westerholt and the other members of the band. Also singer Sharon den Adel is very active on this new platform, she left a video message with clues for the fans.

There is more news, the artwork is totally different than before and it caused a lot of discussion and speculations in the media. For the first time the band bound their talent into a video and comic concept. A Prequel is online on their website, where you get a little glimpse of the concept.

Titletrack ‘ The Unforgiving’

1.     Why Not Me
2.     Shot In The Dark
3.     In The Middle Of The Night
4.     Faster
5.     Fire And Ice
6.     Iron
7.     Where Is The Edge
8.     Sinéad
9.     Lost
10.   Murder
11.   A Demon’s Fate
12.   Stairway To The Skies

The newest update is a video trailer:

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