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Coronatus – vocalist Carmen about the mixture of elements

text: Gerianne Meijer
photo copyright: Metal Miauws en Stepix.be

Coronatus is a German gothic-, folkmetal band with two female vocalists in their formation. One of them is Carmen R. Lorch. The blond haired front lady made a good impression with her high clear voice during the MFVF Festival (Belgium october 2009). What follows is an open harted email interview with Carmen.

Note from the author: This interview is published before Carmen decided to leave the band. She is replaced by Mareike Makosch. Also the other female singer Ada is no longer a part of the band. Natalia Kempin is the new face of Coronatus.

First of all I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview you. The new album Fabula Magna (Massacre Records 2010) is very metal, but it also has soft folk sounds. Where did the idea of these folk sounds come from and in what way does it add to your music.

Carmen: Yes, Fabula Magna contains more folk- and pagan metal elements than our two albums before. We got the idea to include these elements right after the release of our first album, Lux Noctis, because we all like folk / pagan metal very much. So our second album, Porta Obscura, already contained some bagpipes e.g. And Fabula Magna additionally flutes, fast violins, accordeon and humppa rhythms. On the other hand, our music still includes the bombastic and symphonic metal elements like orchestra and choirs. What prevails depends on the song.

Second Vocalist

Lisa Lasch replaced Ada Flechtner on the new album. She also did her first live show on the MFVF Fest in Belgium (2009). How difficult was it to find a new vocalist and why did you choose young Lisa?

Carmen: Luckily, we already knew Lisa Lasch from a previous casting! In the meantime, she even refined her singing style and she was our top choice. She sings approximately in the same range as Ada did – and Viola on the first album ‘Lux Noctis’ and this is important for us. It would be odd if the new singer could not sing the old songs live.

Did you consider going on without a second vocalist?

Carmen: None moment did we do so. Having two vocalists is our brandmark, and both of them singing in different styles!


Between of the two vocalists: who decides on the vocal lines and who sings what and how difficult is that process?

Carmen: First of all, I have to explain for the ones who do not know us yet that I sing in the classical- operatic style and rather high, while our other singer sings in the rock style and lower-pitched. Like we have had a different singer for the rock parts on each album up to now, the process of course varied each time…

I am involved in the songwriting pretty much and for ‘Fabula Magna’  I almost wrote all the melody lines and so also decided who will sing what.You could think that I sing rather the soft parts, but this is not the case. Sometimes I feel that a powerful part needs a powerful rock voice and sometimes I feel that a powerful classical voice would be better – I decide what to do, according to my feeling.

In that same line, how is the cooperation between all the band members? Is there a person who is always in charge or is everything decided democratically?

Carmen: Mats is our official band boss, but we take decisions in democracy, haha! Of course, some are more involved than others. Mostly the newest members are involved a bit less. I think it takes some time to grow into the music business.

Different Languages

On the album there are songs in German, English and Latin. Which language do you prefer to sing in and is there a language you would like to sing in the future?

Carmen: We write one Latin song for each album and always sing one live on stage, but it is really difficult to remember, I must admit! German and English do not make a difference to me.


I read that a lot of the lyrics concern legends and myths. Have you ever considered creating a concept album concerning one of those legends?

Carmen: Many people already consider this album a concept album, because almost all of the lyrics lead in the same direction, as they treat legends. But a whole album about only one legend… well, there are some songs which could be part of the same story: How Far about a trip on the seas, Der Fluch when the ship gets lost. Der Letzte Tanz is about a mermaid and Kristallklares Wasser is at least also a water topic.

In fact, we thought about this idea of making an album about water, but in the end did not want to change the other lyrics or lyric fragments.


You have played abroad with Within Temptation and Epica, both Dutch bands. Is that something that you hope will happen again and have you considered playing in The Netherlands?

Carmen : We even had a concert in Holland fixed, it should have been in Alphen aan den Rijn in April, with Crematory, but was cancelled beyond our control, unfortunately.

How do you think Coronatus will progress in the future?

Carmen: At the moment we are very happy with the style we have found on our third album, Fabula Magna. But according to our experience, every album sounds different. In what way that will be, is too early to say now. Maybe there will be a new singer again, like on every album up to now, who knows? I got used to it and see it as a chance to furthermore develop the Coronatus sound.

Are there any plans for a new album yet?

Carmen :We would like to release a new album some time in 2011, but we are only beginning with the songwriting now. If you do not want to miss anything, check our sites www.coronatus.de and www.myspace.com/coronatus!

Thankword to Massacre Records and Coronatus.

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