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Kill The Reflections – Fleeting Melodies vol.1

text: Helena Torstensson

band: Kill The Reflection
album: Fleeting Melodies vol 1
genre: Indie Rock / Trip Hop
release:  2010
label: Unsigned


Kill The Reflection is an American band from Oklahoma City  that consists of two members:  Morgan Routt as singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer. The other half is Christopher Stevens also singer, songwriter and drummer. “Fleeting Melodies Vol 1” is a strong collection of demos to enjoy while waiting for their debut album.

It begins with a talkative intro where you are introduced to the music and album; I find this cool and thought worthy. It tells you that this is “music for broken people” since I enjoyed listening to every song I guess I am among those.

The first song on the album is “Broken” and you find an acoustic version of it at the end of the album, interesting that you can change a song that much going acoustic! But let’s focus on the first version. “Broken” starts slowly with a good sounding guitar that kind of sets the mode of the song before it opens up as soothing vocals and beat joins in. I find the lyrics very strong, they speak of feelings that most people that have fallen in and out of love may recognize.

Sometimes you find a song where you almost choke on, because of all the emotions that it brings. “Fuck Her Better” is one of those songs, it´s cool and edgy and I like the rougher tone and sound. What I find the most interesting is that you really hear the anger and darkness of the lyrics brought out in the vocals.

In this song you hear both Morgan and Christopher sing and I think the combination of their voices is brilliant. For me it creates a dark and twisted atmosphere that really reaches out and kind of sinks it´s teeth in you. `You take it all the wrong way/to me your half dead anyway/ it puts a smile on your face/ when the sun don´t come my way.´

Crush” is a very special and emotional song, it begins slow and moving but when the chorus comes it brings a rough guitar that gives it all some cool edge. The melody and rhythm together with the sharp lyrics really captured my interest from the first time I listened to it. I enjoy that the song moves in a circle, it ends as it begun.

I mentioned in the beginning of the review that an acoustic version of “Broken” ends the album and you might have wondered how I feel about it. Let me tell you that it has been turned into a mesmerizing lullaby that simply caresses your ears and your soul. How I enjoy listening to this bare and moving song – I simply adore it!


http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kill-the-Reflection/154314677948632 and http://www.reverbnation.com/page_object/page_object_bio/artist_1172816#!/killthereflection

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