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Radiohead – new single and album download ‘ The King Of Limbs’

The English rock band Radiohead released their new single ‘ Lotus Flower ‘ as a warm-up for the digital release of their eight album ‘ The King Of Limbs.‘ Good news for the fans, a minute ago this tweet is posted by Radiohead: “It’s Friday… It’s almost the weekend…You can download ‘The King of Limbs’ now if you so wish!

That is a day earlier than expected. For seven euros you can buy the mp.3 album on http://www.thekingoflimbs.com. There is also a wav. version for eleven euros available (cd quality).

The real CD will be released 28th March by XL Recordings as the ‘newspaper’ album. What that contains or means is still a secret. It is the follow up from ‘In Rainbows‘ (2007) also a digital release. Radiohead sold two million real albums, besides a successful new business model. Fans could sign for the album and mention the price they wanted to pay for it.

The new single is played live once and never appeared on an album before. After the online release a worldwide discussion on Twitter followed. Excellent song-by-song review done by the Rolling Stone magazine: a masterpiece is the general opinion in the media with a good reason!

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