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Amaranthe – Amaranthe

text: Helena Torstensson

band: Amaranthe
album: “Amaranthe”
genre: modern melodic metal
release: 16 April 2011
label: Spinefarm Records

Amaranthe is a Swedish Danish band formed by Jake E. Lundberg and Olof Morck. A power/melodic death metal band with a very own sound.
The project began taking shape when singers Elize Ryd and Andy Solvestrom signed on, as did drummer Morten Lowe. So far, the band has released on demo on their MySpace profile, titled ‘Leave Everything Behind’. This four song demo was released in 2008.

Before I listened to this album I was not that font of screaming men, but to my surprise it works out brilliantly on this album, developing a dark and cool edge in the songs. This debut is filled to the brim with great melodies and choruses that are made to be stuck on your mind.

The first single from the album is “Hunger”, this one simply kicks-off with a powerful sound and beat. Thundering guitars only adds to the pleasure of this song. The mix of Elize´s and Jake´s vocals together with Andy´s darker screams creates something very special. This song comes with a cool video directed by Patric Ullaeus.

Just when you might feel the need to rest your ears some ”Amaranthine” comes along, I really enjoy hearing the slow beginning of this song where Elize´s beautiful voice is accompanied by soothing music. Then Jake takes over the microphone and the song changes, everything grows darker with added guitars and beat. In the chorus you hear both their voices entwined together, followed by a part with Andy´s dark screams. I really like this song and its strong lyrics.

It´s All about Me” starts with great growling guitars that in a way sound like they are trying to fight Andy´s voice for supremacy – without success but talk about a song where music and vocals fits perfectly! This song quickly became a favorite of mine. I enjoy the overall sound, but in the chorus this song becomes so much more. But be warned the chorus lines are hard to get out of your head once you started to listen to this song.

Amaranthe´s self titled debut album manages to combine many different musical elements.  You really can say that they found their own sound. Having one female and two male voices flowing in and out of focus during the songs, gives it all a very cool and sharp edge! The songs are well written out, and I enjoy hearing the way they develop and becomes more than they first were in the beginning. 



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