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Roy Khan – vocalist part ways with Kamelot

Norwegian vocalist Roy Khan part ways with Kamelot after a burn-out. Since 1997 he is the face of this power-symphonic metal band. Also he wrote many hit songs together with guitarist Thomas Youngblood.

The huge success for the American band came with the albums ‘ Epica‘ (2003) and ‘Black Halo‘ (2005).  The most recent one  ‘Poetry For The Poisoned‘ (2010) is the last contribution of Khan together with Kamelot. He suffered from a burn-out and had to cancel the first promotion tour of their ninth album.

Today the European tour ‘ Pandemonium Over Europe’ of Kamelot together with Evergrey, Amaranthe and Sons Of Seasons begins in France. Tomorrow the band will perform in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Fabio Lione from Raphsody replaces Roy Khan. It isn’t confirmed yet if it is temporary or he’ll become a band member of Kamelot.  Khan last performance in The Netherlands was on the ‘Zwarte Cross’ festival 2010.

Roy Khan writes on his Myspace blog:
There have been a lot of speculations around why I am not touring with Kamelot and I want to make a statement although it may not prevent further guessing as to what’s actually going on. It is a fact however that I told the guys in the band already last fall (well after my burnout) that I was leaving the band. Naturally enough they were shocked (as was the label and everyone else working with Kamelot). In addition to risk of dropping ticket sales they wanted to give me time to think things over, and so I did. My decision still stands; It is finished.

I am currently spending time with my family in Norway taking it easy and wondering profoundly what the future is going to bring. Communication with the outer world has been so and so, but I have had several talks with Thomas along the way although I am still called in sick. I am terribly sorry that my decision is affecting so many others and I want you to know I wish the band & associates all the best for the future and that I enjoyed every second in the spotlight. How could I not…they were nourished by the best fans in the world! I am eternally thankful for everything you and Kamelot have given me and equally sorry that it has to end here. The good news is; God was there after all…

Love you to death!!!
All the best & so long, Roy Khan

More information about Kamelot and their tourdates on: http://www.kamelot.com/

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