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Leaves’ Eyes – Meredead

text: Helena Torstensson

band: Leave’s Eyes
album: Meredead
genre: symphonic – gothic metal
release: 22 April 2011
label: Napalm Records

Leaves’ Eyes is a German-Norwegian symphonic – gothic metal band formed in 2003 by vocalist Liv Kristine and the entire line-up of Atrocity, a German metal band around husband Alexander Krull (vocals, producer).

Their debut ‘Lovelorn’ (2004) was the beginning of a very successful new career of Liv Kristine. Touring around the world with bands like Blind Guardian, Tarja Turunen and Kamelot.

With ‘ Njord‘ (2009) the success was brought to a higher level and also some line-up changed the sound of the band into a more bombastic and heavy way.

The first song of their fifth album  “Spirits’ Masquerade” brings so much of everything, what leaves me overwhelmed, but I enjoy every minute of it! The song begins with good sounding drums together with what sounds like a choir, followed by an Irish sounding violin part. I guess that you might call the music so far an intro and after this the song really begins when guitars and beat picks up the pace and Liv Kristine starts to tell the story.

I enjoy the way she sings, a strong frontwoman and beautiful voice of Liv Kristine. When you are halfway through the song it changes completely: it kind of pause up, before you hear a slow and moving violin that soon is joined by Liv´s light voice, (this part reminds me of the soundtrack to the movie “Breaveheart”) then an impressive drum beat leads you back into the song.

Kråkevisa” suprises me, because I had no expectation to find such a song on this album. This is a playful and charming song where you hear Liv Kristine sing in Norwegian about a crow. The rhythm and the way this song carries on remind me of old Scandinavian folk songs.

The first single from the album is a beautiful cover of Mike Oldfield´s “To France”. The version stays close to the original, without losing the own sound of Leaves’ Eyes. I really enjoy this version, because Liv Kristine´s vocals fit perfectly and I love hearing the added powerful and intense guitars of Thorsten Bauer and Sander van der Meer.

Tell-Tale Eyes” is slow and moving duet where Live Kristine and John Kelly ‘s (Elfenthal) voices blend beautifully together. I really enjoy the strong lyrics in this song and it´s a pure pleasure to listen to the music in this brilliant song.

When you are not familiar with a band of this calibre it takes some time to get used to the sound, the songs overwhelmed me at first and it left me with almost too much impressions and feelings. After spending some time with this album the songs really grows on you and I enjoy the mix of songs on “Meredead”.


Liv Kristine – vocals
Thorsten Bauer – guitar, bass
Sander van der Meer – guitar
Alexander Krull – vocals
Roland Navratil – drums

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