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Elis – vocalist Sandra Schleret leaves band

Vocalist Sandra Schleret from the gothic band Elis decided to leave and focus on her own musical career. Schleret appears on the second album ‘Catharis’ released in 2009 by Napalm Records.

The band from Lichtenstein toured with Leaves’ Eyes, Sirenia, Atrocity and Stream Of Passion in Europe together. A report of that package you can find here. Also she toured with Kotipelto and Chris Caffery in 2007.

Official statement by Sandra Schleret:

More than four years ago I joined Elis as their new singer. Our journey was very special to me, and I think that we found one another at a time when we really needed it the most. I gave my best to honor Sabine’s legacy and nevertheless stay true to myself and open a new chapter together with the band. I am sorry to say that we have reached a point where this chapter now comes to an end. We had an amazing and exciting time and the guys really touched my heart.

We made a great album in which I’ve put all of my heart and which means a lot to me. We sat together and talked long about everything, and we concluded that it is better to go seperate ways from now on. I simply feel the need to devote myself to my own music, my aims and tasks, and the guys can not accompany me on that way because they have their own aims, ideas and expectations. I am sure that it’s the right desicion, because it is very important to me to dedicate myself to everything I do with full heart and soul.

Now that I can not ensure this anymore I think it’s only fair to say it freely. Elis will always have my full support and my friendship will guide them on their way. The guys have found a great new singer and so I am leaving with a good feeling, though I am very sad about the end of our time together.

I dearly want to thank all the Elis fans, who gave me such a warm welcome! I hope we will see eachother again!

With all my best wishes, Sandra

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