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Katharina Nuttall – Turn Me On

text: Helena Torstensson

band: Katharina Nuttall
album: Turn Me On
genre: rock – pop
release: 23 March 2011
label: Novoton

Katharina Nuttall is an artist, composer and music producer. Her debut album “This Is How I Feel” was released in 2007, followed by “Cherry Flavour Substitute” one year later. Songs from the two albums were put together on the European release “Cherry Flavour Substitute Limited Edition”, an album that was awarded a German Record Critics Award in 2009.

Play” has a melody haunts me and the lyrics make me sad, but I really like this beautiful song with it’s heartening chorus. I find myself returning to this song over and over, because it really affects me and makes me in a very thoughtful mode. I really enjoy Katharina Nuttall’s voice; strong and very special. She knows how to move her listeners.

Falling” is another strong song from this third record. The rough vocals show a strong side, that touches me. It has a more ‘down to earth’ orchestration, what makes me shiver. In this case less is more works perfect!

It´s interesting to find the Depeche Mode cover “Stripped” on this album. I must say that I have mixed feelings when it comes to covers and being a big fan of the original made me feel some hesitant. There was no reason to worry, because Katharina manages it brilliantly; her slow and demanding voice fits the lyrics and music perfectly. The laid back feeling the music brings only adds to the charm and I like the cool twist in the chorus where bra is replaced with bone. (“Let me see you stripped down to the bone”).

Take Me Through To Your Side” is the kind of song where you can close your eyes on and a smile appears easily. Let yourself float away on the music. Beautiful music and lyrics that are sung with such a strong emotion, Katharina brings us a brilliant love song.


It was a very interesting experience for me, to listen to “Turn Me On” the first time. All the songs felt so familiar in a good way, although I only listened to the title track on the internet. The songs are very moving in different ways. I find it sometimes hard to put my feelings into words, because of the rising emotions. Katharina’s voice really captures me. It is addictive, because I want to hear more songs where her strong voice telling stories. An excellent third album that really surprises every listener!


1. Turn Me On
2. Play
3. Falling
4. Paper Plane
5. Bricks
6. Stripped
7. We Will Never Meet Again
8. Take Me Through To Your Side
9. Silver Screen
10. Not My Lover
11. The Runner


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  1. Manon
    22/12/2011 at 20:04

    nice post, thanks a lot! I like her a lot, and this is a great personal story.
    keep up the great work.

  1. 17/12/2011 at 03:15

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