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Stream Of Passion – Darker Days

text: Helena Torstensson

band: Stream Of Passion
album: Darker Days
genre: gothic – progressive Metal
release: 22 June 2011
label: Napalm Records

Dutch band Stream Of Passion proved with their successful second album ‘The Flame Within’ (2009) that they were no longer a project, as it was on their debut ‘Embrace The Storm (2005). Vocalist, violist and songwriter Marcela Bovio found a strong line-up and toured the last two years intensely.

The band changed the female fronted metal with progressive influences, strong vocals and dynamic performances!

Lost” opens the album with edgy violins and guitars, followed by a slower and intensely dark guitar melody that makes me longing for more. When Marcela Bovio begins to sing, accompanied by interesting violins, something special is created. Then the chorus follows, transforming everything: it enriches the song even more. A very intense beginning of their third album.

Strong contrasts are bound in “Collide” a much darker song. I enjoy listening to the edgy guitars that leads the way, until Marcela´s beautiful voice grabs the attention. This song brings a very haunting melody and shows the more progressive side of the band. Also the talents of the musicians are united, especially in the chorus when Marcela Bovio shows a very emotional side: she captures the listener with her feelings. A very complex and well written song,  that really grows on you the more you listen to it. It stays in your head for sure!

Spark” is such a moving and passionate song, I would like to say that it´s the ultimate love song on this album. The female vocals and the moving music are bringing everything to another level and leave me breathless. It is such a pleasure to follow the melody through the swirling blend of music. The sound of the keyboard by Jeffrey Revet, creates such a strong sensation that it get’s under your skin immediately.

On “Our Cause” the violin dominates and creates a different musical landscape, but comes very natural after “Spark.” Again the guitars from Eric Hazebroek and Stephan Schulz are a real eye-catcher. Together with Johan van Stratum on bass, a strong and special atmosphere is there. You are easily drifting away by the voice of Marcela Bovio, that you almost forget to listen to her lyrics. She has the power to be fragile and voluminous when the song needs that, a beautiful contradiction.


Stream Of Passion surpassed themselves on their new album. Every song is worked out so well, and reveals new talents. Marcela Bovio has once again proven to be a powerful, talented vocalist. The only problem is that it is hard to focus on what she is singing.  Everything from the dynamic drums by Martijn Peters till the guitars, are enchanting me: spinning around faster and faster until the album ends. Leaving me behind in a confused, but content state of mind. A very promising album, that guarantees a shining future!


1. Lost
2. Reborn
3. Collide
4. The Scarlet Mark
5. Spark
6. Our Cause
7. Darker Days
8. Broken
9. This Moment
10. Closer
11. The Mirror
12. Nadie Lo ve
13. The World Is Ours

Marcela Bovio – lead vocals, electric violin
Johan van Stratum – bass guitar
Eric Hazebroek – guitar
Stephan Schulz – guitar
Jeffrey Revet – keyboard, piano, synths
Martijn Peters – drums


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