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Hultsfred festival – dynamic second day with Hurts and White Lies

text: Helena Torstensson
photo’s: Martina Törnemyr, M.Nilhorn

The Tallest Man on Earth or Kristian Matson as the man behind the band is called. His concert is scheduled in the afternoon and a pretty big crowd has gathered in front of the stage before the show. The music is very relaxing and laid back. Half of the crowd was standing in front of the stage, while the other half choose to sit or lay down in the grass.

Everyone seems to enjoy the show and I am positively surprised by this act. Kristian stood there all alone on the largest stage of the festival and sang only accompanied by his guitar. I found it very charming and interesting.

The set opens with the song “I Won´t Be Found” and  it captures my interest from the start! Also the audience really liked this one, showing some feedback.

The show and performance is so simple and basic, yet breathtaking beautiful. It never got boring because Krisitan was so confident and relaxed. Nice to hear him talk about that the last time he played at the festival it was on the smallest stage called the “Rockie stage” and now he more or less found himself on the largest one.

Some of the songs in the setlist are  “I Won’t Be Found, “The Garner”,”Where Do My Bluebirds Fly” and “Troubles Will Be Gone.” A very good beginning of the second day of the Hultsfreds festival.

While standing and waiting in from of the biggest festival stage it begins to rain and it really feels like ‘cursing’ the clouds.  Luckily before Hurts begin a wind comes and the rainclouds are blown away.

Singer Theo Hutchraft and the synth player Adam Anderson enter the stage all dressed up in black and wearing sunglasses; a very nice entourage. Theo really brings the songs alive and sometimes I am almost worried for him being too much into the emotions of the songs. I think Hurts had chosen a very good set list, like the song “Happiness” got the crowd moving and it really got on my mind!

My favorite song “Devotion” is even better and it is such a pleasure listening to it in a live setting. The last song “Stay” got a good response from the audience, singing along on the chorus. They are rewarded by a smiling frontman on stage.

1. Silver lining
2. Wonderful Life
3. Happiness
4. Blood, Tears & Gold
5. Evelyn
6. Sunday
7. Verona
8. Unspoken
9. Devotion
10. Confide In Me,
11. Illuminated
12. Better Than Love
13. Stay

The lead singer from the White Lies, Harry McVeigh enters the stage with his band members and begin with saying that it is good to be back in Sweden, followed by  “Farewell To The Fairground” the opener of the set.

The singer might have tried to interact with the crowd, but just looking at his eyes you could tell that it was some kind of struggle.

He looked like his thoughts were elsewhere and he just delivered song after song without his heart being in it. Maybe the touring of this British band is a bit too much. The crowd is moving and likes the show, so they did a great job.

Some of the songs of the performance are “Farewell To The Fairground”, “To Lose My Life” “Price of Love”and “Streetlights.” Their indie rock  is very well known after Europe and it is a well deserved headliner on this less rainy day. After all a very interesting second day of the festival.

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