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Bella Morte – Before The Flood

text: Helena Torstensson
band: Bella Morte
album: Before The Flood
genre: Alternative/Rock/Gothic
release: 14 June 2011
label: Metropolis Records

Bella Morte is formed in 1996 Charlottesville, Virginia by Andy Deane and Gopal Metro. The same year the duo had their cassette only EP titled Remorse which quickly went out of print. In 1997 the band won the Virginia Battle of the Bands and used the proceeds to record their first full-length album “Remains.

This album included re-recorded versions of five tracks from their 1996 release. Since the start the band has released several records and developed and changed their sound but one thing is still the same and that is the depth and darker atmosphere that the lyrics and music create.

Skin” is the first song on this new album and it brings a cool and catchy rhythm. It first surprises me and confuses a bit, but the more I listen to it the more I like it. The vocals of Andy Deane fit so well and naturally to the music. I really enjoy the intense instrumental part towards the end, because the edgy guitars and the melodic keyboard are giving a sound that I’ve come to associate with this band.

“Lights in the Sky” is a song that quickly became a favorite. I think it takes the usual sound of Bella Morte to another level and it shows a playfulness that I enjoy hearing. For me this song is kind of addictive – once you started to listen to it then it get stuck on your mind. The catchy synth-pop sound creates another element that I simply love!

Here with Me” is a slow and very emotional song. It begins with a good sounding keyboard followed by Andy´s strong voice. I love the simple yet so special atmosphere: it builds up the song perfectly. Also it is a pleasure listening to Andy´s voice, because he manages to transform so much feeling with every word. Just listen to the way he phrase the words in the unforgettable line towards the end; `Take my hand and die with me, don´t be scared you are here with me…´ I would say that this sad song is a masterpiece that really shows what this band can create and I will keep this one close to my heart!

The Road” is a song that I spent a lot of time listening to. It moves me, but it took time to grasp my feelings and put them into words. While listening to it I found myself so intensely focussed on the music, that I almost forgot to focus to Andy´s voice and the story of the song. It begins with a cool guitar followed by a moving melody, when Andy´s voice joins in. I believe his voice is deeper and I love this song for a bunch of reasons, but most of all it really reaches into me and touches and that is what music is for.


Before The Flood” is a well build and moving album and you can hear that Bella Morte has taken their music one step further from their last album “Beautiful Death”. It´s interesting to hear the way they have developed and I enjoy hearing them following their own paths. I think this album is very even and I enjoy listening to every song on it. There is something very special with the singer Andy Deane´s voice, it´s hard to explain but ever since I started to listen to Bella Morte it feels a little like coming home musically when listening to his voice and their songs.

1. Skin
2. Falling Star
3. Lights in the Sky
4. Here With Me
5. Before the Flood
6. The Morning Sun
7. Line of Sight
8. The Road
9. Bones Below
10. Undertow
11. The Oceans Wide
1996 “Remorse” (cassette only, demo)
1997 “Remains”
2000 “Where Shadows Lie”
2002 “The Quite”
2004 “As the Reasons Die”
2004 “Songs for the Dead”
2006 Bleed The Grey Sky Black”
2008 Beautiful Death
2011 Before the Flood

Andy Deane – Vocals
Tony Lechmanski – Guitar
Marshall Camden – Bass
Branden Shores – Drums


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