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SuperHeavy – Superheavy

text: Helena Torstensson
band: SuperHeavy
album: Superheavy – Deluxe Edition
genre: rock/ reggae/pop/other
release: 21 September 2011
label: Universal

SuperHeavy is a rock supergroup that consists of Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, Damian Marley and A.R Rahman. A longterm project of top musicians.

Superheavy” is the first song on the album; it begins slow and distant before it all changes and the song really starts. I really like the relaxed feeling together with the good mix of vocals. Be warned of the chorus, it easily gets stuck on your mind!

Miracle Worker” is a cool and catchy song that quickly became a favorite. The laid back feeling, mix of female and male vocals together, and on top of that the thought worthy lyrics creates an brilliant song. I can easily see how this one became the first single, because it does a great job with introducing the album and make people curious about the songs.

Never Gonna Change” is a slow and moving song. Sit down and simply enjoy listening to the way Mick Jagger sings, sometimes his voice breaks a little and it adds more emotions to the charm of the song. I like hearing the perfect guitar melody, that fits so very well to the vocals. This song quickly became another favorite of mine.

I Can’t Take It No More” brings a rougher sound and more speed. An energy vibe with edgy guitars as well as dynamic vocals. Here is another example of how good Mick Jagger´s voice fits the music. It´s cool to hear Joss Stone shadowing Mick´s voice in the chorus. She has such an amazing soul feeling, a perfect duet! There is a very good instrumental part in the middle where you can focus on the guitar work.

SuperHeavy, or shall I say the musicians behind this super group, have created one special album. The mix of vocals fits extremely well together, because they all lift and accompany each other in an interesting way. No wonder that the passion for music is the keyword for this album. Every song reflects that and talented songwriting. They work together as well as stand out on their own. Worth to mention is the mixture of musical styles from pop, rock, reggae and even Indian influences. Enough ingredients for a very dynamic album.  After spending some time with this album I would say that I like it, and overwhelmed me at the end.

1. Superheavy
2. Unbelievable
3. Miracle Worker
4. Energy
5. Satyameva Jayathe
6. One Day One Night
7. Never Gonna Change
8. Beautiful People
9. Rock Me Gently
10. I Can’t Take It No More
11. I Don’t Mind
12. World Keeps Turning
13. Mahiya
14. Warring People
15. Common Ground
16. Hey Captain

Mick Jagger
A.R Rahman
Joss Stone
Damian Marley
Dave Stewart


video “Miracle Worker”




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