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Pallers – The Sea of Memories

text: Helena Torstensson
band: Pallers
album: The Sea of Memories
genre: Ambient/Down-tempo/Pop
release: 28 September 2011
label: Labrador

Pallers are a Swedish duo that was formed in 2008, their debut EP “Humdrum” was released later that year. Half of the duo has a love for ambient, trip hop and electronica. While the other is deeply involved in the world of pop.

Pallers integrate the seemingly tricky components with such ease it almost seems effortless – turning it into something new – something of their very own. “The Sea of Memories” is the band’s debut album.

Humdrum” brings a good rhythm and a cool vibe that I really enjoy. The vocals are some distant, it´s sometimes hard to hear what Pallers sings. In a way it´s not that important, because when the music and vocals come together they create something very special. The moving melody carries the song in a very dynamic flow.

Wicked” is a catchy and charming song that quickly became a favorite. Especially the intro is very strong, with a catchy synth-pop sound. It´s a nice surprise to hear a female voice singing on it, her name is Elise Zalbo and her voice fits the music beautifully.  It has a lot of energy, listen to the middle part with a more uptempo sound.

Nights” is a slow and beautiful song that the listener easy likes. The moving music and melody really touches on different levels. That is an interesting and intense experience. The fact that Pallers recorded this album on different places over the world, makes it even more special.

The Sea of Memories” is a moving and dreamlike album. The songs are creative, both musicians are very talented and unite different music styles. It is sometimes simple, yet very complex. I have listened to most of the songs on this album with closed eyes; let myself drifting away on their songs. They tough you on a deeper level if you are open minder for it. A new Swedish sound is born!

7.8 /10

1. Another Heaven
2. Humdrum
3. Come Rain, Come Sunshine
4. Tropical Fishbowl
5. Years Go, Days Pass
6. The Kiss
7. Sound of Silence
8. Wired
9. Wicked
10. Nights

Henrik Mårtensson
Johan Angergård


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