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Evanescence – Evanescence

text: Helena Torstensson
band: Evanescence
album: Evanescence
genre: Alternative/Metal
release: 12 October 2011
label: Wind-up Records

Evanescence is an American rock band formed in 1995 by singer, pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody. The band released their first album “Fallen” in 2003 and it became a huge success with singles like “Bring Me To Life” and “My Immortal”.

The line-up has changed several times and the last two changed pretty much put the band in hiatus. But now Evanescence is back with their self titled new album.

The first single from the album is “What You Want”, it´s a strong song with rough guitars, intense upbeat and great vocals where Amy Lee really delivers. For me this one works very well with introducing the self titled “Evanescence” and makes me curious of the rest of the album. The song comes with a really cool video directed by Maiert Avis.

My Heart is Broken” is going to be the second single, it begins with a moving keyboard intro that flows through and even as beat and guitars are added. It floats in and out of focus all through the song. This is really an impressive song with strong lyrics and a haunting melody that keeps me hit repeat!

My absolute favorite song is “Lost in Paradise”, it starts with a slow and little hesitant sounding intro, that gives it a wonderful creative and bare feeling. I adore the sound of keyboard and violins together with Amy´s strong voice. The first time I listened to it I was caught by surprise as the song changes and become faster. It get’s more intense when edgy guitars and beat are added. It gives the song a touch of darkness that makes it even more impressive!

Oceans” is a different song; it brings an edgy sound and shows an interesting side of Evanescence that I enjoy hearing. There is a darker feeling present all through this song and the growling guitars that I love hearing ads to this feeling. I am impressed by the way the song builds up and the atmosphere that it creates.

Another of my favorites is the last song “Swimming Home”, this slow and so very beautiful song really moves me. For me this one is like a lovely lullaby and how I enjoy listening to Amy´s moving vocals and the flowing music.


The Evanescence of 2011 brings a lot of attitude. On this self titled album you find a very interesting and good mix of songs. I like that they are different yet it´s easy to see,hear the red thread that connects them all and make this such an impressive album. I would say that all the songs are very well, built with different layers that really build up them. I think this album really delivers and presents a band that is both hungry and ready to take on the world once more.

1. What You Want
2. Made of Stone
3. The Change
4. My Heart is Broken
5. The Other Side
6. Erase This
7. Lost in Paradise
8. Sick
9. End of the Dream
10. Oceans
11. Never Go Back
12. Swimming Home

“Fallen” 2003
“The Open Door” 2006
“Evanescence” 2011

Amy Lee – lead vocals, keyboards
Terry Balsamo- lead guitar
Troy McLawhorn – rhythm guitar
Tim McCord – bass
Will Hunt – drums


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