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Visions Of Atlanis – Maxi Nil reveals more about their new sound

text: Gerianne Meijer
foto: Tim Tronckoe

Maxi Nil (ex-Elysion and On Thorns I Lay ) is the frontlady from Visions Of Atlantis, since their fourth album ‘Delta‘ (2010 Napalm Records. A new EP ‘Maria Magdalena‘ is just released. This symphonic, power metal band from Austria has a long history.

Formed in 2000, their debut released in 2002. After that many changes of singers and bandmembers followed. For example between the last two albums is a break of four years.

Then the Greek Maxi Nill becomes the new singer and stabilizes their sound. They toured with bands like Epica, and recently with Rhapsody of Fire.

An interesting conversation about the new EP, review in Dutch here on Muzikantenweb. Interviewer Gerianne Meijer describes changes to a more bombastic sound, the growth in vocals of Mario Plank and Maxi Nil and rates the new EP with a 7 out of 10.

Why did you decide to bring out ‘Maria Magdalena’ as an EP instead of waiting and bringing out a full album?

Maxi Nil: “Why wait? The next album will be released summer 2012 and the songwriting is already completed. So why not give our fans a few more songs to enjoy!”

Compared to ‘Delta’ the vocals on ‘Maria Magdalena’ have improved in my vision. Have you, and Mario Plank (male singer), done anything to make that happen?

Maxi: “Actually the EP was recorded with Delta at the same time, so I guess the songs of the EP reveal more of what we can do with our voices.”

What was the idea behind the more bombastic sound on the new EP?

Maxi: “First of all the guitars of the EP were recorded by our new guitar player Cris Tian. And this by itself gives a lot more to the powerful result we had on the EP. The drums were re-recorded as well and with the perfect mix we had this “bombastic sound” as you said and we all like it much more than the sound we had on ‘Delta’.

When will you start recording the new album?

Maxi Nil: “ In January and February 2012, so that is soon and then it will be released in the summer, like I mentioned.”

What can we expect, will the album be more bombastic too?

Maxi: “Of course! The point is always that we want to evolve as a band. And do the best you can. So believe me when I say that the next VoA album is going to blow your brains out!

On July 18, 2011, Bass player Mario Locher left the band and you are not planning on replacing him. How will you solve this live?

Maxi: “We have already played four shows without a bass player and using a sampler. It works just fine and we’re not willing to have a new member in the family, the less the better!

The last tour you did was in February of this year. Are there any plans for another one sometime soon?

Maxi: ” Well, 2011 was a year full of shows for us. Now it’s time to focus on the new album. So except of a few gigs that may show up, we don’t have a tour planned before our next release.

What is your favourite song to sing live?

Maxi Nil: “Hmmm that’s difficult to decide…I think ‘Last shut of your eyes’ and  ‘Memento.’ And ‘Reflection’  is my top 3 for now. To mention more than one.

How difficult is it for you to sing old material, that was not originally sung by you?

Maxi: “Actually it was very easy for me to adjust. Even though the songs were written for classical singers. But since the tones fit my voice and the melodies are amazing, I can easily make a song ‘my own’ and sing it in a more modern-rock way.”

  1. How involved are you in the writing process?

Maxi: “When I joined the band the album was already written, so the only thing I could ‘change’ was a few vocal lines. Now the next album will include two songs of mine and I will also work on the vocal lines of the other songs. I’m so happy about that!

More information about Visions of Atlantis on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/visionsofatlantisofficial and Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/visionsofatlantisofficial


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