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Draconian- interview on Metal Female Voices Fest

text: Sabrina Smit
photo’s: Monica Duffels

Doom metal band Draconian from Sweden, performed on the Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium. Afterwards the band is gathered together to explain more about their new album.

Note from the writer: During the writing process of this recorded interview, the band reveals that vocalist Lisa Johansson leaves Draconian. It turns out to be the last interview where she’s involved in.


You have played songs from your new album ‘A Rose For The Apokalypse‘ in Mexico and recently in Moldavia and Ukraine. how was the reaction of the crowd in the different countries, and can you tell more about that?

Anders Jacobsson (vocalist): “It has been a couple of months since the release. Many people have heard the songs, so it is not really new to them I think. The response was really good. From our point a view we would like to try out new song,s and we would like adding songs to improve the set”.

Witch people are more enthusiastic in Moldavia or in the Ukraine?

Anders Jacobsson: “I don’t know, we have played in both countries once.  I think the people have been waiting to hear the new songs. We are trying to promote the new songs as good as we can”.

Frederik Johansson (bass): “We had fun to play the new songs: it is not new for us. Before “Turning Seasons Within” we have played new songs. It was more that we stood on stage and thought ‘oh we are going to play a new song’. Now we are more comfortable by playing those songs and there is lot’s of energy and it is great to play them”.

Which performance was the best one of al the shows you have played?

Anders Jacobsson: “We like several places, but we lost our laptop and did the show without the keyboard. We were surprised but it went good! Israel was great, Moldavia was intimate. But we also liked the show in Romania”.

New Album

In the review of ‘A Rose For The Apocalypse’ the album gets a rare 10/10.  The response are variable what people think of Draconian. How do you receive those critics?

Jerry Thorstensson (drums): “In the beginning we have read a lot of reviews but now it seems to get lost. The response is really good.”

Frederik Johansson: “We received a 6/10 from a Swedisch magazine. But they are a more traditional heavy metal magazine. They thought if we take away some parts of the songs, to make it more accessible. But then it would not be Draconian, so why bother.”

Anders Jacobsson: “I read some of the reviews, it’s always good to know what people think. I realize that people need more time with this new album, but they’re happy with it”.


What kind of awards have you won earlier with Draconian and your albums?

Anders Jacobsson: “We have not won anything. We are just a Swedisch band releasing five albums. We hardly ever play in Sweden, there is not much in Scandinavia. We are sad about that en we have to reach out to other countries.

The only bands that counts are In Flames, Opeth and Katatonia in Sweden and they are to gothic. Katatonia is making bigger success outside our home country. Personally we do not feel sadness that we never get to play:we are over it. It is nice that family and friends get so see us.

There is nothing in Sweden we can win. We have a rock award (newspaper) in Sweden that means ‘everything’ and every year the same band wins this award. There are a lot of forgotten bands, good forgotten bands in Sweden”.


You are inspired by Opeth, Katatonia and much more bands, but what is your most inspiring band of all? Not only metal but also in popmusic?

Frederik Johansson: “Every emotional music is great, inspirations for me are: Slayer, Antrax, Twisted Sister, Kiss, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost and Anathema.

Anders Jacobsson: Nowadays I listen to industrial and in my younger years I listened to Slayer and Antrax. In the younger years Lisa Johansson listened to Michael Jackson”.

With these members you have been working for many years right?

Frederik Johansson: “It’s six years now with these members. After the ‘Burning Halo’ we have decided to play without a keyboard player. We tried out a session keyboard player, but we did not want to replace him, but do it without a keyboard player. We bought a computer and since than we had the same sets”.

Recording Proces

How much time did it took to write this album to recording and producing it?

Johan Ericson (guitarist): “I wrote it in a couple of years. I have started in 2008 and than I continued, so it is hard to say. But I had lot’s of inspiration and influences from other music.

I recorded it on tape and went to the studio to write it there. Jerry and I are producers and our rehearsal space is in the studio. We recorded half of our album there. Guitars and bass and drums are recorded in the rehearsal room“.


I know that you have played with a lot of bands, but can you tell me with whom you would like to play in the future?

Anders Jacobsson: “That is hard. But thinking about it, we would like to play before Paradiso Lost, but we do not know busy they are. We also love to play with Opeth or Saturnus”.

When there is a request for you to play somewhere in the world. How do you react to that?

Frederik Johansson: “ The management checks this out. We have a booking agency and we can choose. We only have to be free from our work. The management takes care of the visa. We also check out the previous years, the list of other bands, concerning festivals”.

After that it is time for the band to get some rest, it’s been a memorial evening.
More information on Draconian on: www.draconian.se

Bandmembers Draconian
Anders Jacobsson (vocalist)
Lisa Johansson (vocalist) – till october 2011
Johan Ericson (Lead and rhythm guitar)
Daniel Arvidsson (rhythm guitar)
Fredik Johansson (bass)
Jerry Torstensson (drums)

Thankword to:Metal Female Voices Fest and Napalm Records

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