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James Blunt – writes article about cancellation Afghanistan performance

A new follow-up story, personally written by James Blunt, about his failed attempt to get into Afghanistan. On 6th March British quality newspaper The Telegraph published a critical article from the singer.

Blunt reveals more details about his recent failure to perform in Afghanistan for the British troops. A well written statement concerning logistical problems soldiers have: enable to get home or, in this case, to reach the base.

James Blunt uses his specific situation to demand attention for soldiers oversees and failure from the RAF (Brititsh air force) and the government:

The more important cargo – about 100 soldiers – was in the hall next door. We were to accompany them as they deployed to Afghanistan. A memory from a past life flooded over me: I had been here, 13 years ago, en route to Kosovo..”

As an former army officer, he has knowledge about the complications in the army. Also mentioning demotivation and demoralization among the soldiers. James Blunt raises questions like:

Why can’t we deliver people to the front line as required? Have we bought too many fast jets and not enough transport aircraft? Is it down to mismanagement of resources? Poor bureaucracy at the top? I don’t know. But I do know that our deployment of manpower is inefficient and costly (the fuel we dumped over the Mediterranean would be worth £55,000 at the pumps). Every soldier, airman, NCO and officer that I met was professional, hard-working and keen. But every single one was also resigned.”

It is waiting for a response from RAF and governmental positions, to explain such a catastrophe.

Source: The Telegraph

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