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Malrum – The Empty Frame

text: Helena Torstensson
band: Malrun
album: The Empty Frame
genre: Melodic Metal/Rock
release: 5 March 2012
label: Target/Border

Malrun is a Danish rock band. Their first EP ‘Longest Road To Rome’ was released in 2007 and the second one ‘Beyond’ in 2008 and received great reviews in Danish music industry.

The debut album ‘Beauty In Chaos’ came in 2010. With their second album ‘The Empty Frame’ the band is aiming for a wider audience outside the borders of Denmark.

Some songs are hard to describe or even grasp, they simply reach out and affect you strongly, “Moving in Fear” is one of those. After an intense musical intro, Jacob Løbner begins to sing and I am mesmerized by how the music and melody shadows him. In such a way that it creates something “more”. Of course this is also a well written song, but what really what reminds you, is the dark atmosphere.

Sink Forever Down” is another special song that reached out to me. It starts slow with a melancholic feeling that flows all through the song. The vocals are raw, and it is easy to connect it with the strong lyrics. As the song unfolds and becomes rougher in the chorus, it still keeps the same pace and it’s a pleasure listening to it.

The song that really made a lingering impression is “The Iron March.” The first time I listened to it, it gave me shivers down my back and that feeling stayed for a long time. This song is build around a haunting melody, coming with a lovely dark atmosphere that I adore. Impressive the way Jacob uses his voice: he moves from lighter to darker vocals as the chorus arrives with a rougher sound.

When you are halfway through the song, a wonderful instrumental part sets in. The sound of intense guitars and drums are demanding your attention. It’s interesting that this song creates a sensation of moving forward, and it makes you curious about the other songs. You need to experience it, before fully understanding it.


It is not that often you find a band that, on their second album, shows this kind of strength and sureness of their own sound. Malrun have managed to create something special, something of their own. “The Empty Frame” delivers a varying kind of songs and different melodies. The closeness of music and vocals is impressive, the guitars and drums are very special and nuanced. Think they follow the smallest change in the vocals during the songs. A strong ensemble ready to concur Europe, and for a good reason!


1. Face of the Unknown
2. Shadowborn
3. Moving Into Fear
4. New Blood
5. Sink Forever Down
6. Strip Show Of An Angel
7. The Iron March
8. Bloody Mary
9. Into the Sun
10. The Lyapunov Exponent
11. Pariah
12. Take It To the Grave
13. Yoke of Stone

Jacob Løbner – vocals
Patrick Nybroe – guitar
Mads Ingemann – guitar
Ulrik Sølgaard – bass & vocals
Mikkel Johnse – drums


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