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Steve Hogarth and Richard Barbieri – debut album released

Not The Weapon But The Hand‘ is the new album from Steve Hogarth and Richard Barbieri is recently released on Kscope .

Hogarth is best known as the frontman of Marillion, the progressive rock legends that he joined in 1989. In addition to the twelve studio albums Marillion have released in this time, he has also recorded and toured as a solo artist, under the moniker H.

In recent years Richard Barbieri has been a core member of Porcupine Tree playing keyboards on all the band’s albums since 1993 as well as releasing two solo albums, Things Buried and Stranger Inside.

Many years later, Porcupine Tree played some shows with Marillion and Steve invited Richard to be part of The H Band on his ‘Ice Cream Genius’ album and subsequent tour.

It wasn’t surprising then that the duo decided to collaborate on a joint project, a venture initiated by Barbieri as Hogarth recalls; ‘I remember where I was when the email from Richard arrived airing the possibility of a collaboration. I was in Starbucks in Leeds on tour a few years back. From that day forward it was on my mind fairly constantly. The only problem was finding the time to collaborate  Richard has sent me a number of beautiful and unusual instrumentals and I have found lyric ideas to create sometimes songs, sometimes narratives against his musical landscapes.”

More on: http://www.kscopemusic.com/

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