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Epica – bass player Yves Huts leaves band

Epica part ways with bass player Yves Huts, member since their debut ‘ The Phantom Agony‘ in 2003. Rob van der Loo (MaYan, ex-Delain, ex-Sun Caged) will replace him.

Epica writes: “ It is with sadness that we announce that Yves Huts and Epica have decided to part ways. Yves has been with us from the start and has been of great value to the band. We want to thank Yves for his contribution to Epica’s success and wish him the very best in his future career, whether musically or in a different way. We will never forget the good times we shared together on the road!!”

Yves says about his departure : “013 is the venue where we did our first show with Epica and, almost a decade later, also my last. I’m leaving the band because I have another career opportunity that is not combinable with the schedule of a world touring band. I’ve tried to live these two different lives simultaniously for as long as I could but in the end I just had to make a choice, one of the most difficult ones in my life.

I look back to these ten years in Epica satisfied and enriched with life experience. As a founding member I’m proud of what we’ve achieved so far and I’m sure the future has a lot more great things in store for the band. I would like to thank the band, crew, fans and everybody else involved for the good times and I wish my successor good luck.”

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