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Meat Loaf – Hell In A Handbasket

text: Helena Torstensson

band: Meat Loaf
album: Hell In A Handbasket
genre: Rock
release: 13 March 2012
label: Sony

Michael Lee Aday is more known as his artist name Meat Loaf, born in 1947 and have been involved in music since his fist album “Bat Ouf Of Hell” (1977). Meat Loaf has released ten albums and acted in several movies through the years. “Hell In A Handbasket” is his eleventh album.

The first song on the album is “All of Me”, opens grotesque and contains a hymn before the song really begins and moves away from this. The lyrics are thought out worthy and immediately I enjoy the melody and music.

Party of One” is a more rock orientated song, that brings dynamic guitar riffs and a lot of energy. The ever present guitars fluently comes together with Meat Loaf his strong vocals, working very well together. Fans will recognize a strong connection with the roots from Meat Loaf. Good melody and a chorus that easily get stuck on your mind.

“Another Day” is a special song, the slow beat and piano intro captured my interest. I enjoy the bare and strong vocals that transform a lot of feelings. As the song opens up with the chorus the song changes, but it keeps the same pace. A very well balanced song, that reflects the quality of Meat Loaf. It is beautiful written, and the instruments form an dynamic harmony.


With ‘Hell in a Handbasket’ Meat Loaf delivers an excellent album that will get a lot of attention. Mostly the sonorous songwriting and characteristic voice of Meat Loaf combined make this eleventh CD very interesting. All together it is a very varying album. Only the rap parts are very experimental and not every fan will like that. It shows new arrangements and an experimental  approach. You can find a deeper feeling, but some songs are harder to connect. Classical rock fans can buy tis album without any hesitation.


1. All of Me
2. Fall From Grace
3. The Giving Tree
4. Blue Sky/Mad Mad World/The Good God Is A Woman And She Don´t Like Ugly (medly)
5. Party of One
6. Live or Die
7. California Dreaming (Duett with Patti Russo)
8. Another Day
9. 40 Days
10. Out Love and Our Souls
11. Stand in the Storm
12. Blue Sky


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