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Tyketto – Dig In Deep

text: Basak Gunel

band: Tyketto
album: Dig In Deep
genre: Hard Rock
release: 20 April 2012
label: Frontiers Records

Tyketto is a hard rock band from New York City. The band was formed in 1987 by former Waysted vocalist Danny Vaughn, Brooke St. James (guitar) and Jimi Kennedy (bass). Michael Cayton later completed the line-up as the drummer.

In 1990 Tyketto released their debut album ‘Don’t Come Easy’ via Geffen Records. This album was quite successful during that period. However, with the rise of the grunge music in the ninetees, the band’s success slowly receded. Despite this unluck, Tyketto managed to release its second debut album ‘Strength in Numbers‘ in 1994 via CMC International in USA and Music For Nations in other parts of the world.

After some changes in the band’s line-up, Tyketto released ‘Shine’ in 1996. Unfortunately, in the same year Tyketto had to split up.  Eig years after the split up, the band decided to do a reunion with the original line-up. They played at “reunion” gigs in 2007 and released “The Last Sunset – Farewell 2007” which included alternative versions of previously released songs. This release also meant that that time was the last time that the band would play under the name Tyketto with the original line-up.

Despite the announcement in 2007, the band reformed again in 2008 to play live in some festivals. After tours and gigs in the following years, Tyketto seemed to give it another chance and they are about to release their new album ‘Dig In Deep’. Another change is the addition of the keyboard player Bobby Lynch to the band, who also features in the upcoming album.

The first song ”Faithless” from the new album ‘Dig In Deep’ starts with strong guitar riffs which shows us that Tyketto still proves to have the 80s vibe. Apart from the eighties vibe, there is also the ‘modern American rock’ atmosphere that the band creates within the melody and the vocals, which is quite interesting and catchy.

Generally, the album is divided to two parts; eighties rock and modern American rock. The songs which have a more of an ’80 vibe are “Faithless” or “Dig In Deep” and the listener will probably recognize that these songs have the guitar riffs and solos that an 80s rock fan misses.

The songs which carry the modern American rock spirit are songs like “Let This One Slide” or “Evaporate”. For the fans of acoustic songs, this album might be the best since a lot of the songs like “ Battle Lines” and the last song from the album “This is How We Say Goodbye” feature acoustic guitars creating a ballad-like atmosphere.

The catchiest song from the album is probably “The Fight Left In Me”. This song catches the listener’s attention from the first second; it’s strong and it’s what a hard rock fan wants. The other songs were not so distinguishing in my opinion, but this song was what made me like the album a bit more. My other favorites apart from “The Fight Left In Me” are “Let This One Slide” and “Dig In Deep”.


Considering the band’s interesting and hectic history, it can be said that ‘Dig In Deep‘ is Tyketto’s biggest resurrection. With this album, Tyketto gives itself and the fans another chance which is good and hopeful. It is also quite clear that Tyketto is not the old Tyketto anymore; in this album, there is a combination of eighties rock with modern American rock. This might be quite okay for an average rock listener, but for anyone who wants to listen to eighties rock, this album might be a disappointment.

In my opinion, the album is quite good; Tyketto seems to have balanced all sorts of styles quite well. However, the album in general is not so distinguishing among other hard rock albums. Considering that the band has made this album after eighteen years, ‘Dig In Deep’ sounds promising but if Tyketto wants to make it big and loud, then more has to be done.



  1. Faithless
  2. Love To Love
  3. Here’s Hoping It Hurts
  4. Battle Lines
  5. The Fight Left In Me
  6. Evaporate
  7. Monday
  8. Dig In Deep
  9. Sound Off
  10. Let This One Slide
  11. This Is How We Say Goodbye

Danny Vaughn – Lead vocals
Brooke St. James – Lead guitar & backing vocals
Jimi Kennedy – Bass guitar & backing vocals
Michael Clayton – Drums
Bobby Lynch – Keyboards


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