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Anathema – something special is happening in Paradiso

tekst: Sabrina Smit
foto’s: Bert Treep

First band of the evening is Amplifier. They are very alternative and their music is very experimental. The drums are really insane: Matt Brobin (drums) has got a lot of speed in his feet and arms. And he brings the speed up and slows it down when it’s necessary.

I was impressed by this and I love the voice of Sel Balamir. The other members also sing along and that is a nice thing to hear and see. They interact in a good way with each other and with the audience as well. I’m glad that Anathema give this band the opportunity to introduce  this kind of music.

Not only the sound and songs of Amplifier are great, the appearance of the band is something that you will not forget. They wear neat black clothes with a tie that includes their logo; that is also visible on the stage and on the drums. I have noticed that a lot of fans are here tonight to see this awesome band. And believe me when I say that we will hear more from them in the future.

Anathema had long expected dream to play at Paradiso in Amsterdam. Tonight the dream will come true! After a short intro the band members come on stage and I see that they are amazed by the large crowd that stands in front of them.

Anathema will be playing lots of new songs of the ‘Weather Systems’ album but also songs from other albums tonight. Singer Lee is also on stage when Anathema plays his first song “Untouchable part 1”. The whole band is energized and I notice lots of smiles on their faces.

I’m thrilled that they begin with playing songs from their new album ”Weather Systems”.  I listened to it and in my review last month I gave them a 10/10. I’m amazed to hear that they fulfil my expectations.

While the members play their lovely music; they also take the time to make contact with the fans. But there is something else that I notice, you can tell that they are enjoying performing their own music. I can feel what they are feeling and that is something I really appreciate.

I thought it was impossible, but during the show they make my cry, brings me the chills and give me lots of joy. It is unbelievable that they can achieve this after such a short time.

I believe I am not the only one, because everybody sings “I have to let you go” along with singer Vincent and Lee at “Untouchable part 2”.

At the “Lightning Song” some technical problems come along, but this is nothing to worry about. The audience is not troubled by this. The band plays perfectly so there music instruments must be perfect as well.

Vincent gives us on “Thin Air” all of his emotions and I hear that his voice reached a higher level. Because sometimes he sings his words differently. On the album he sings some words shorter and I love it when a singer is capable of doing this.

With the songs “Deep” and ” Emotional Winter/Wings of God” Anathema brings good old times. You can describe it as heavy rock with guitars that produce heavy notes.

On top of it bold drums, experimental keys and a male singer that sings sensitive lyrics. It is nice to hear the old work and this gives you an excellent impression of the capability of Anathema.

Anathema brings much alternation in their music and that is why I love them. Sometimes it’s easy music and when Danny plays it with his acoustic guitar you can hear that he is playing  from the heart.

He takes his time when he’s playing it with heavy riffs, I’m confused because nobody else can produce the sound of a guitar that is crying. On most of the songs I am impressed and when Lee is singing she sounds like an angel. I love it when Vincent and Lee sing together because it matches perfectly.

In the middle of “Internal Landscapes” Danny stops playing because there is something wrong. I want to give lots of credits to the band. It was very professional that they played it again!

Danny gives fans the opportunity to sing along at a ‘Natural Disaster” and he asks everyone to light our mobile phones. There was such a nice atmosphere at Paradiso. Something is happening to Anathema.

After all these years I have been listening to Anathema and I am still not bored, they bring forth other feelings and they moved on to another lovely sensitive sound. When I look around in the crowd all I see is happy faces.

And just like me lots of people seems to be amazed because Anathema brings so much light into our lives! The band plays at a high level with lots of emotions and they work very well together.  I have lots of respect for Anathema and would like to thank them for a great evening!

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Tankword to: Anathema and Roel.

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