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End Of September – End Of September

text: Helena Torstensson
band: End Of September
album: End Of September
genre: Melodic Metal
release: 11th May 2012
label: Ulterium Records

End Of September is a Swedish band formed in 2009 by  songwriter Erik Tordsson. Who played in extreme metal bands before, but this time he wants to do something different. A demo was recorded together with vocalist Victoria Sundberg and it got them a record deal with Ulterium Records.

Shortly after the recordings Victoria left the band, which resulted in a two year hiatus for End of September. In 2011 Erik found the new vocalist Elin Redin to replace Victoria, and shortly after that also Johan Nöjd (bass) and Johan Svensson (drums) joined the band, the line-up was complete.

This self titled debut album opens with the song “Isolated” and it’s also the first single. The brilliant combination of  -what I would like to call – a dirty and cool guitar sound, and Elin Redin’s clean and beautiful voice, creates something that I simply adore. Strong lyrics and a moving melody makes it a pleasure to hear. A beautiful instrumental part towards the end of the song is a nice surprise. The video for the song was directed by the Swedish company 11Frames.

In “A Place To Go” you are greeted at the door by rough guitars. Then Elin’s vocals joins in; showing a darker side. What really got my attention in this song, is the second guitar melody that weaves in and out of focus. it  has oriental influences; but it’ s hard to describe it properly.

A song that was an instant favorite is “Left In This World.” It brings a mix of male and female vocals and it’s a nice surprise hearing Erik Tordsson. Also his voice works very well with Elin’s. The haunting chorus all too easy gets stuck on my mind in this duet.  Elin sings with so much feeling. This song is build up with both rough and soft parts. A nice details are the changing drum rhythms.

Autumn Breaks” is the last song and another favorite. You will hear different guitars and a melodic keyboard that I adore; the atmosphere is dirtier though the clear female vocals works so very well in this. Again the combination of female and male vocals is a real eye catcher. Overall they result in a strong impression. Also the lyrics are  very poetic and it easy stays in your mind. T he melody is clever as well as haunting. A grande finale for End Of September!


End Of September has created an impressive debut album. It manages to surprise me both with the high quality of the songs and the way they grow on you after more listening sessions. The sound is well produced in a mighty way; you easily focus on different parts of the songs. For example the guitars (and almost forget to listen to the rest). On most of the songs Elin Redin sings beautifully alone and then on some songs you have the pleasure of hearing Erik Tordsson singing together with her. Their duets create a varying sound; a strong weapon for this band.


1. Isolated
2. Fallen
3. A Place To Go
4. Exile
5. Inner Voice
6. Left In This World
7. Waiting For The Rain
8. Silence
9. Autumn Breaks

Elin Redin – vocals
Erik Tordsson – guitars & vocals
Johan Nöjd – bass
Johan Svensson – drums


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