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Trixter – New Audio Machine

text: Basak Gunel

band:  Trixter
album: New Audio Machine
genre: Hard rock
release: 20 April 2012
label: Frontiers Records

Trixter is a band from New Jersey which was formed in 1983 by Steve Brown, Doug Cowie (Dougie C.), Pete Archibald (Pete Loran) and Mike Pane. The drummer Mike Pane was replaced by drummer Mark Spreiregen just after playing with the band once and the line-up was then complete.

Trixter achieved success mainly in the 1980s ; they played in clubs with bands like Skid Row and Kix. They were later signed by Mechanic/MCA for their self-titled debut album in 1990. This album was really successful with songs like “One in A Million” and “Give it to Me Good”. It even made it to the Billboard Charts and went on to become gold.

After this success, Trixter toured with Poison, Scorpions and Warrant nationwide around 1990-1991. The second debut album ‘Hear!‘ is released in 1992 and Trixter also toured with KISS.

Steve Brown announced on December 2007 that Trixter would be reuniting for the ‘Give it to You Good‘ tour. For the new album ‘New Audio Machine’ which is about to be released in 20 April 2012, Trixter worked with Glen Burtnik from STYX and Snake Sabo and Rachel Bolan from Skid Row in the songwriting process.

The album starts with “Drag Me Down”. From the first second, the song has that “oldies” vibe and it makes the listener think that it is a new beginning. This also means that Trixter is back and they are stronger than ever.  The guitar riffs in this song make it even better. This song is like the summary of the whole album even though it’s the first song.

This catchy and strong atmosphere continues in the second song “Get On It”. I think from this moment, the listener will probably think that the album is just too good and this might be right. In the third song “Dirty Love”, there is a little bit of Skid Row and a little bit of Mötley Crüe with awesome guitar riffs and a powerful sound. Surely, Trixter still knows how to make the listener headbang and cheer.

Even though the songs “Dirty Love” or “Get On It” might be full of passion, the listener can feel the real passion in the song “Machine.” I think this song is also proof that Trixter is full of confidence which is really important considering they have recorded an album after more than ten years.

The mood of the album slows down with the song “Live for the Day”. Surely, when it’s about the eighties it reminds me of a bit of Bon Jovi back then, a good example. “The Coolest Thing” can also be considered as slow compared to other songs like “Dirty Love” or “Ride“.

Trixter also proves us that they have developed musically with the song “Tattoos & Misery”. I think this song is quite different from the others, it has more of a modern rock vibe but this shouldn’t be considered as something negative but rather as a compliment.

Even though almost all of the songs are awesome, the ‘peak’ of the album is in the lyrics of the song “Save Your Soul”.  It has the true  rock’n’roll spirit and you will appreciate Trixter for that.


Generally, the album is really good and successful. I think that Trixter has managed to ‘caught up’ with the scene and ‘New Audio Machine’ can be considered as their best album so far. My favorites from the album are “ Drag me Down”, “Dirty Love” , “Machine” and “Save Your Soul”. Especially the listener can feel the energy and sincerity of the album from the first song and it becomes like an addiction after that.

This album is a must for every eighties heavy metal fan; but I would also recommend this album to any rock listener in general. It’s simple but it has the energy. Once again, thanks to Trixter for making an amazing album full of guitar riffs, awesome lyrics and a powerful sound !


Peter  Loran – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Steve Brown  – lead guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
P. J. Farley  – bass guitar, backing vocals
Mark “Gus” Scott – drums, percussion, backing vocals


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