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Jack White – Blunderbuss

tekst: Basak Gunel

artist: Jack White
album: Blunderbuss
genre: blues – rock
release: 24 April 2012
label: Third Man, XL Recordings, Columbia


Jack White is an American musician, songwriter, actor and a record producer. He is best known as the vocalist and the guitarist of the band The White Stripes, which split up in 2011, as well as being in the bands The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. 

Jack White formed The White Stripes along with the drummer Meg White in 1997. The band released six studio albums in total. Out of these six albums, it is ‘Elephant’ which is released in 2003; that made them successful in their home country as well as throughout Europe.

The album’s first single “Seven Nation Army” is the most successful one. Throughout the years, The White Stripes played different genres; they started with garage rock but they also played genres like blues and punk later. The band unfortunately split up in February 2011. The reasons for the split up aren’t certain.

Apart from The White Stripes, Jack White formed The Raconteurs in 2005 along with Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler. Origin of the band is the song “Steady, As She Goes” which is also featured in the debut album of the band ‘Broken Boy Soldiers’ which is released in 2006. The Raconteurs performed as the opening act of some Bob Dylan shows, in which they toured for their album. They released their second studio album ‘Salute Your Solution’ in 2008, which received a Grammy nomination.

The Dead Weather, Jack White’s other band, formed in 2009 with The Kills front woman Alison Mosshart. White is the drummer and vocalist of the band whereas the bassist is Jack Lawrence and the keyboardist (also guitarist) is Dean Fertita from Queens Of The Stone Age. The Dead Weather released their debut album ‘Horehound’ in 2009 and the second album in 2010.

Apart from playing in bands, Jack White also collaborated with a lot of artists including Beck, The Rolling Stones, Alicia Keys, Bob Dylan, Electric Six and Loretta Lynn. He is also ranked No.70 on Rolling Stone’s list of “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” so he is considered as one of the best artists in today’s generation.  On his debut solo album Jack worked with a lot of musicians including Jack Lawrence, Ruby Amanfu and Patrick Keeler.

Album review

The first song “Missing Pieces” starts as this chill-out, slow song. However the contrast between the tranquil vibe of the song and the intense lyrics caught my attention. It is also impossible to fit this song, along with other songs in the album, to any other genre. With the catchy drums and the meaningful lyrics, Jack White once again proves that he is a total genius. This song also reminds me of a post break-up song. It is definitely a good ‘introduction’ for this album.

The whole vibe of the album changes with “Sixteen Saltines”, which is really fast compared to “Missing Pieces”. This song can be considered as the only similar song to The White Stripes songs; however I have to mention once again that Jack White definitely has his own style and this can be felt in this song as well. The style of the song also differs from “Missing Pieces”; the powerful guitars have a modern rock vibe.

The modern rock/indie vibe can be also felt in “Freedom At 21”. Especially the combination of the ironic lyrics and the melody in this song are really powerful; they express the term ‘freedom’ very well. The drums are once again really catchy. I also like the fact that Jack White does something between rapping and singing; which makes the song even more interesting.

The best song in my opinion is “Love Interruption”. This song is so intense and meaningful that anyone who listens to it will never get tired from it. There is also a change of style (from modern rock to blues). I also really liked the collaboration of Ruby Amanfu and Jack White along with acoustic guitar. One thing that is recognizable is the lyrics though; they are brutal and painful. The listener surely will not feel this in the melody but in the words.

Another song that caught my attention is “On and On and On”. This song has a different jazz-vibe with the bass going on in the background (minus the saxophone). It is songs like these that make the listener realize that as long as Jack White will keep on making music (whether it is as a solo project or with a band), it will sound unique and touching no matter what.

The album in general has a lot to offer; the songs like “Blunderbuss” or “Hip (Enonymous) Poor Boy” have zeventies vibe. A song as the songs  “I Guess I Should Go to Sleep” takes the listener to a whole new level. The album is also a wonder for rock fans since songs like “Sixteen Saltines” is a really good rock song. Especially it is impossible not to admire the sound of the piano in songs “Hypocritical Kiss” and “Trash Tongue Talker”.


With his debut album ‘Blunderbuss’ Jack White proves that he is full of ideas and wonders. He is able to combine a lot of different genres with his own style. It is impossible to fit most of the songs to a certain genre; the melodies jump from seventies to modern rock and the listener will be amazed at how well Jack White manages to do it. The lyrics, which are mostly about break-ups and love, are simply amazing from the beginning to the end and that’s what makes this album even more amazing. It’s not only the lyrics that make this album amazing though; the melodies throughout the songs will take the listener to a whole new level. My favorite songs from this album are “Love Interruption”, “Sixteen Saltines”, “Freedom at 21” and “On and On and On”. This album can be considered as one of the best albums of 2012.



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