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Hultsfredsfestival – second day with The Cardigans and The Cure

text: Helena Torstensson
foto: Martina Törnemyr

Second day of the Hultsfredsfestival on 15th June, opens with a national well known band. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives is a Swedish rock band formed 1995 in Gothenburg.

All lyrics are sung in English and the band’s style draws heavily on sixties and seventies punk and rock. Their debut album ‘Welcome To The Infant Freebase‘ isreleased in 1996.

They are quitting as a band and they started their farewell tour here in Hultsfred in blazing afternoon sun. The singer Ebbot Lundberg comes on stage entirely clad in black. And during the set he moves over the stage with energy and passion. There was a large crowd gathered in front of the stage, but also a lot of them are sitting down and enjoying the music.

Bear in Heaven is a rock band formed by Jon Philpot. The sound is influenced from psychedelic and electronic music. Debuted as a whole band with ‘Red Bloom Of The Boom‘ in 2007. This band had been scheduled at the unfortunate time when Sweden and England played the EM in football.

There were not that much people in front of the stage when the set started. Then the crowd quickly grew and becomes a mass in the morning. Bear in Heaven brought a very danceable and cool sound as well as songs.

As the set picked up, speeding up more, the crowd in front of the stage starts to dance and cheer. I enjoyed the relaxed and laid back feeling, but in the end I found the set to sound a little too much the same for my taste.

The Cardigans is a Swedish alternative rock band formed 1992 in Jönköping, Swede. Their debut album ‘Emmerdale‘ is released in 1994. The bandmembers are Nina Persson (vocals), Peter Svensson (guitar), Lasse Johansson (Keyboard), Magnus Sveningsson (bas) and Beng Lagerberg (drums).

While the football fans were watching the end of the Sweden-England match, the rest of us were waiting for the game to end because then The Cardigans start to play. Their set  should include the whole ‘Gran Turismo‘ album.

This album is the bands fourth; it was produced by Tore Johansson and became number one at the album chart in Sweden. When the game finally ended, the crowd quickly grew in front of the stage.

Singer Nina Persson told the audience that having a football game as a pre-act was a bad one, neither she nor me, was happy for the delay.

Also I am guessing we missed a couple of songs, because of this. However they started with “Paralyzed” and I enjoyed hearing Nina’s rougher, more bare sounding vocals that created a lot of feeling.

The audience quickly recognized the song “Erase/Rewind” and a lot of people are singing along in the chorus and waving their arms. During the set Nina introduced the band like the old gang,  but for tonight they have a guest.

Oskar Humlebo better known as ‘Motoboy’ joined them on stage. One of my favorite songs “You’re The Storm” is very impressive live, the audience sang along in the chorus and you could tell that they were into the music. The set ended with “Communication” and it is so amazing live, I love hearing Nina sing like this.

A very impressive performance of such a famous headliner and the crowd showed a lot of interaction. All together a very dynamic and ground shaking show on the second day. National proud for sure; still after all those years.

Hanging Around
Marvel Hill
My Favorite Game
Do You Believe
Junk Of The Hearts

For What It´s Worth
You´re The Storm
Live And Learn
I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need To Be Nicer

The Cure is an English alternative rock band formed in Crawley, West Sussex in 1976. The band has experienced several line-up changes through the years. Front man, vocalist and principal songwriter Robert Smith is the only constant member.

Since the football delayed The Cardigans with like twenty minutes, I am impressed that The Cure started slightly later than scheduled.

A large crowd is waiting for them, patiently in the front. When Robert Smith, and the band, walk on stage the intro of “Open” sets in.

Then the vocals of Smith sound a little rough, but soon it becomes much better. Later on followed “Lovesong” a song I enjoyed hearing. Robert had stated that he would play a long set on the festival. And it ended up being a set of 31 songs.

What a treat for the true The Cure fans. But I must say that I would have preferred a happier ending of the festivals second day. A dark and melancholic atmosphere changes the impression of the day. Still a very good show and impressive headliner.

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