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Beth Hart – new album ‘Bang Bang Boom Boom’ release in October

On 8 October 2012 Beth Hart will release her new album ‘Bang Bang Boom Boom’, the follow-up to ‘Don’t Explain’, her stunning 2011 collaboration with Joe Bonamassa.

Featuring eleven stunning blues, jazz and soul influenced tracks, penned by Beth Hart, ‘Bang Bang Boom Boom’ is a life-changing record for the West Coast born singer, songwriter and musician. All of her life experiences, both positive and negative have come together for this career defining album.

The eleven original songs recorded live by Kevin Shirley, on this new collection give Beth’s eclectic influences free rein, spinning from Spirit Of God’s brassy gospel to the sparse Thru The Window Of My Mind, with her first-ever piano solo on Swing My Thing Back Around, and an impossibly tender vocal on the Billie Holiday-flavoured Baddest Blues.

But it is life, and in particular Beth’s own life that has made this record. The former American talent show winner spiralled out of control, failing to cope with instantaneous attention and pressure. A heady concoction of drugs, depression and her unmedicated bipolar disorder led her psychologist to proclaim: “You can’t handle this business. It’s a serious warning for anyone trying to get a jump start in this business” said Beth.

But with a West Coast drawl that could distil whisky at fifty paces, and fans including Jeff Beck and Slash, this woman of rock has finally emerged a lady. For Beth, the track ‘Everything Must Change’ explains it all: “I have this fascination with the old adage that it’s darkest before dawn. It implies so much hope. That song is an important one to me on the record. We all go through ups and downs, but what always brought me back was that I’ve been surrounded by so much love.”

1. Baddest Blues
2. Bang Bang Boom Boom
3. Better Man
4. Caught Out In The Rain
5. Swing My Thing Back Around
6. With You Everyday
7. Thru The Window Of My Mind
8. Spirit Of God
9. There In Your Heart
10. The Ugliest House On The Block
11. Everything Must Change

More information: http://mascotlabelgroup.com/ en www.bethhart.com/

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