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Metal Female Voices Fest – acoustic performance Eve’s Apple on friday

On the tenth edition of Metal Female Voices Fest, on Friday 19th October 2012 a special performance will take place.
Eve’s Apple will perform an acoustic show. For at least one hour fifteen female singers will share the stage in duets and trio ensembles.

The Eve’s Apple project started as a platform on the internet from professional singers and supporting female metal all around the globe.Attending the performance are the vocalists:

Maxi Nil, VK Lynne, Kerstin Bischof, Gaby Koss, Iliana Tsakiraki, Lindsay Schoolcraft, Grace Meridan, Clementine Delauney, Elina Laivera, Kassandra Gruszkowski, Marcela Bovio, Melissa Ferlaak, Angel Wolf-Black and Sanna Salou.

Also it is the premiere of a brand new original song by Lisa Middelhauve. She is well known as former singer of German band Xandria. She left the band in 2008 and toured as a special guest with Serenity.  Currently she is working on her solo project.

Also you can vote on the ‘MFVF fest award 2012’ given to bands who get more than 5000 votes. Go to the official festival website for more information. Also concerning tickets (VIP packages are sold out already) and bus connections. For the daily line-up and program:


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