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Trail Of Tears – singer Ronny Thorsen leaves the band

Trail Of Tears - door Monica Duffels 1

Norwegian singer and composer Ronny Thorsen left Trail of Tears. He was the only consistent member of the gothic – metal band. During the making of their new album ‘Oscillation’ there were problems inside the band.

Female singer Cathrine writes in their Facebook statement:

The making of the album has been a very hard process on all of us. Ronny Thorsen felt the process was going too slow. Meanwhile, others have worked very hard to finish it. This major contrast beetween those who have spent almost every day during the last three years to make the album as good as possible, and those who have been more busy pushing some in the band to the edge of breakdown, is the main reason in this conflict. I (Cathrine) have to speak my mind this time, and I really feel that I need to speak the truth.”

Also she refers to some years ago when the whole band left, except Ronny Thorsen. A very open letter is written about the conflicts in the band. Right now there isn’t an official statement on the band website and also Ronny didn’t published anything yet.

Online he states that it isn’t the end of his musical career and he will continue singing. That is good news for the fans. The singer worked in the past with Tristania, and Faanefjell.

“Me and the rest of the band  members, started to read news about the band on Facebook. That means that Ronny doesn’t communicate with the band anymore. I cannot work like this, so it’s easy for me to support his decision to leave the band. Ronny made this decision in October, still he keeps running the show alone, making decisions for the band without even asking or telling the others..” according to Cathrine. It seems that the new album will be the last contribution of this band formation.

More about Trail Of Tears on: http://www.trailoftears.no


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