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Hurts – Exile

text: Helena Torstensson
Hurts - Exile album 2013band: Hurts
album: Exile
genre: Electronic/Pop
release: 11 March 2013
label: Columbia – Sony

Hurts are an English synthpop duo formed in 2009 by singer Theo Hutchcraft and synthesis Adam Anderson.

Their debut album ‘Happiness’ was released in September 2010. It became a huge success, reaching the Top Ten in twelve European countries.

The titletrack “Exile” is the opening song on their long-awaited second album.  It quickly catches my interest. After a few minutes I have trouble focusing on the vocals, although Theo Hutchcraft delivers them beautifully. Towards the end you hear a dark melody and it gives me shivers down my back.

Miracle” is the lead single from the album and it makes a lasting impression from the first time I listened to it. The haunting intro is strong, a theme that frequently returns. Hurts create a brilliant mix of music and strong lyrics. Theo delivers such a passion with each word, that it is easy to relate to.

Last December the first glimpse of ‘Exile‘ was there, when a two minute promo for “The Road” is released online. This song starts out with slow, moving music and beautiful vocals. When the chorus arrives, everything becomes rougher and even dirtier. Again an intense sound, but it shows a different and darker side of Hurts. A promising development for the future, reflecting a growth from this duo over the last three years.


All the songs on ‘Exile‘ are charismatic, distinctive and speak strongly to me after re-listening Hurts second album more over. I could easily have written a long and detailed review, but I choose not to. First of all this album delivers songs that are fresh and varying: the high quality of music, convincing lyrics and the voice of  Theo Hutchraft leads you through them all. I am very impressed by the way Hurts have developed and grown since their first album. They are miles away from ‘Happiness‘ in the most positive way. With  ‘Exile‘ Hurts shows a darker and complex sound.

1. Exile
2. Miracle
3. Sandman
4. Blind
5. Only You
6. The Road
7. Cupid
8. Mercy
9. The Crow
10. Somebody To Die For
11. The Rope
12. Help

Theo Hutchcraft – vocals
Adam Anderson – synthesizers


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