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JORN- Symphonic

text: Basak Gunel

Jorn Lande band: Jorn
album: Symphonic
genre : symphonic Metal
release : 25 january 2013
label: Frontiers Records

Jorn Lande is a Norwegian hard rock and heavy metal singer. He is known for being the former vocalist of bands like Masterplan, Ark, Beyond Twilight, Vegabond and he has participated in more than thirty album releases in total.

The first success Jorn achieved was with the band Vegabond in 1994. However, after the release of the self-titled album of the band, Vegabond disbanded in 1996. After the end of Vegabond, Jorn has been a part of many bands like The Snakes (which is the band of the former Whitesnake members), Ark and Beyond Twilight.

However, he gained the biggest success with the German power metal band Masterplan in 2002. With Masterplan, Jorn played a lot of concerts and festivals for 3 years. After leaving Masterplan, Jorn kept on working with musicians/bands like Russell Allen (Symphony X), Avantasia and Ayreon. Apart from his collaborations with many musicians and bands, Jorn also formed his own band and released 7 studio albums in total. The latest record, ‘Symphony’, was released on January 2013 via Frontiers Records.

Album Review

I have to be honest; I have never listened to Jorn Lande’s music before so listening and reviewing this album was quite a challenge for me. Another point about the album should also be made; this is not an album with original Jorn Lande songs, but the songs are ‘remix’ and ‘orchestral’ versions from Jorn’s songs from the older albums. Even the man himself stated that he did not want to make a ‘best-of’ album but he wanted to create more orchestral versions from his songs.

Out of all of the songs in this album, the first three songs caught my attention the most. The first song “I Came to Rock” really reflects the true spirit of this album; the short intro in the beginning is mind-blowing and as a person who has never listened to this multi-talented musician before, I was blown away – once more- by Jorn’s powerful voice. It is in perfect harmony with the orchestra and the e-guitar. As a matter of fact, the same thing can be said about the whole album in general; Jorn’s voice is definitely special and it is obvious that he is not an ordinary musician. Another thing I liked about this song is the message it gives; music is truly powerful.

The second song, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Children” is full of energy and what makes this song special is the fact that it is a Dio cover. I think that Jorn did a great job by paying tribute to one of the greatest legends in the metal world. It also fits perfectly to the theme of the album as well.

In contrary to the first two songs, “The World I See” makes the listener just stop and think about what is going on in the world. The whole ‘sad’ vibe of the song combined with the lyrics is really beautiful. Another highlight of the song is the guitar solo; it definitely shows just how versatile this album is.  As a matter of fact, I think listening to just these first three songs will help the listener understand the true essence of this album.

Generally, the first half of the album is quite fast; it will definitely give the listener the energy and the boost. In contrary to the first half, the second-half of the album is a bit slower and the symphonic part of the album is clearer in this half. One song –that can be considered as a ‘slow’ song- is “Behind The Clown” which is quite different from the other fast songs and this song adds another dimension to the album for sure.


If you have never listened to Jorn Lande before, then this album is perfect. As I mentioned before, since the songs in this album are orchestral versions of Jorn’s older songs, this will be like an ‘introduction to Jorn Lande’ for the new listeners. As a matter of fact, any listener will be amazed at how a musician can be so unique even when he is re-arranging his older songs. However, if you are a hardcore Jorn Lande fan and want something different, this album might be a bit ordinary mainly because the songs will be too familiar.

Nevertheless, this album is not a failure at all; the listener will be blown away by the guitar solos, orchestra and the symphonies combined with the whole metal atmosphere. The only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that the album is a bit too long; I think 10 songs could have been enough. As I mentioned before, the first three songs really define the true essence of this album and after these songs, the album might sound a bit ordinary for the listeners. Some of my favorites -apart from the first three songs – are “Behind the Clown”, “Burn Your Flame” and  “Black Morning”.  These songs definitely have a great message and this is what this album is about. ‘Symphonic’ is heavy, powerful and.. symphonic; just like its name.


1. I Came To Rock
2. Rock And Roll Children
3. The World I See
4. Burn Your Flame
5. Man Of The Dark
6. My Road
7. Time To Be King
8. Black Morning
9. Like Stone In Water
10. Vision Eyes
11. War Of The World
12. Behind The Clown
13. A Thousand Cuts
14. The Mob Rules

Jorn Lande – Vocals
Trond Holter – Guitar
Jimmy Iversen – Guitar
Bernt Jansen – Bass
Willy Bendiksen – Drums


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