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Epica – grotesque Retrospect marks ten years with grandeur

text and photo’s: Rayann Elzein

Epica klokgebouw - door Rayann Elzein 1

World famous Dutch symphonic metal band Epica celebrates their tenth anniversary on this 23 March 2013. For the occasion, the seventy-piece Hungarian Extended Remenyi Ede Chamber Orchestra and the Choir of Miskolc National Theatre is accompanying the band on stage.

It is the same orchestra and choir with whom Epica recorded their live album ‘The Classical Conspiracy’ in 2009. The concert takes place in front of a sold out 4,500 people in the Eindhoven Klokgebouw in the Netherlands.

Besides the Retrospect show, it is possible for fans to be involved. For the first time there is an online streaming: Retrostream is broadcasted in HD for many international fans.

Prior to the show, some videos of congratulations are shown on a white curtain that is hiding the stage. One can for example see Doro Pesch, Amaranthe and ex Epica band members congratulate the band for this anniversary.

The band lead by singer Simone Simons performs a three-hour set, which is much longer than the average concerts of this Dutch pride.

The set is well balanced between all of Epica’s albums and includes some breaks by the orchestra, like the ‘The Imperial March’ (Starwars) or a medley of different songs by Epica.

It is ‘the most ambitious project to date’ as announced in advance and that comes with high expectations. Besides the quality of the music and in a different setting, the band well thought- out every second.

That pays of during the set. It is a grande finale of ten years, filled with guest performances and a ‘time-travel’ in their history. Also taking care of the entourage and fairytale alike the front lady opens the show wearing a black cloak.

Epica is also joined twice on stage by Floor Jansen. The first appearance is to perform, together with Simone and just the orchestra, a cover of 18th century Pergolesi’s ‘Stabat Mater Dolorosa’.

The second time is to perform the uptempo song ‘Sancta Terra’. The two women show a great complicity and complementarity on stage.

It is also not possible to celebrate Epica’s anniversary without the participation of the band members that were present at the very beginning of the adventure.

Guitarist Ad Sluijter, bass player Yves Huts and Jeroen Simons on drums join Simone, Mark Jansen, and Coen Janssen on stage, like in the good old times, for the song ‘Quietus’.

Epica klokgebouw door Rayann Elzein 3.jpg

The show alternates heavy songs with quieter moments, and all sorts of fireworks and flames projections participate to creating an unforgettable anniversary for all the fans.

According to Mark Jansen’s words “the fans come from about fifty countries this night” and a packed, sweaty Klokgebouw is the prove of that.

Epica presents a fairytalealike, bombastic anniversary with grandeur and style. It contains everything the fans wish for, even acrobatic stunts and (traditional) uncovered chests from the men at the end. In those ten years Epica is grown into a mature band that is ready for a fortunated future.

The show will be released as a DVD and let’s hope in a HD Bluray.

thank word to: Epica, management and fans

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