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Turisas – Turisas2013

text: Basak Gunel

Turisas2013band: Turisas
album: Turisas2013
genre: Viking/Folk metal
release: 26.08.2013
label : Century Media

The finnish folk metallers are back with a brand new and a completely different album”Turisas2013″. Armed with a more organic and natural sound that is a direct reflection of their infamous live shows, new album “Turisa2013” is different from “Stand Up And Fight” (2011) and “The Varangian Way” (2007) .

It’s not a concept album, a very liberating change for the Finnish heroes of battle metal. That said, while the band were able to focus on individual songs rather than an all-encompassing concept, the results aren’t any less meaningful.

Album Review

The only word to describe “For Your Own Good” would be ‘diversity’ ; the piano, which seems to be in the background and which reminds me somehow of the melody in Blues Brothers game, is actually the first thing that caught my attention. Another ‘powerful’ factor in the song is definitely the vocal range of Mathias Nygard (vocalist). However, despite of this diversity, I found this song quite weak as a first song and for a band like Turisas.

In contrary to “For Your Own Good”, the second song “Ten More Miles” reminds me of the old, ‘glorious’ Turisas more. What I liked most was the choir, which is almost like an essential part of a Turisas song. It’s also impossible not to recognize influences from band’s older songs “Stand Up and Fight”, “Miklagard Overture” and “The March of the Varangian Guard”.

Speaking of diversity, the most interesting but also the most confusing song in the album is definitely “Run Bhang- Eater, Run!”. The song starts out perfectly; I totally loved the Balkan/Arabic-influence in the song and the starting gives that awesome energy to the listener. However, I was completely disappointed when the song became a bit more ‘sexual’ (those who listened to it will understand what I mean).

It could have been a great song but it changes just so fast that I felt that the essence and the ‘integrity’ of the song was a bit torn apart. Another song that made me felt this way was,” No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea”. I am completely fine with the song title if it hadn’t been a Turisas song. The song itself is quite energetic and quite funny; but I am not sure if it is one of Turisas’ best songs.

One of the highlights of the album is definitely the last track “We Ride Together”. With this song, I could truly feel the essence of these Vikings. From the start to the end, the song can be considered as one of the classics of the band; the orchestrations and the e-guitar is simply really powerful and once again, the listener can really see the potential of Mathias Nygard’s vocal range.


Generally, Turisas2013 is full of surprises and diversities. While listening to the songs, the listener will experience a lot of sides of the band; the songs “Greek Fire” and “Piece by Piece” show us the harsh and the brutal side of the band, the songs “For Your Own Good”, “Run Bhang- Eater, Run!” and “ No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea” show the diversity in spite of the lack of the essence of the classic Turisas sound and “The Days Passed” takes the listener to the 80s.

My favorites from the album are definitely “Ten More Miles” and “We Ride Together” though. What I also liked (and mentioned before) in this album is that we can truly see the power in Mathias’ vocals; it’s like with every song, his vocals were a different color and that was really great to listen to. Despite of the album being diverse, I have to say it is quite average for a powerful and amazing band like Turisas. I wouldn’t say I didn’t enjoy the album but while listening to the songs, I felt that Turisas could have done much better. Diversity does not always make a song perfect and it is the case with Turisas2013 too.

What I missed the most was definitely the folk-ish vibe of the band; surely with this album and with the change of the line-up, the band had a change of style that was obvious with the band’s previous album “Stand up and Fight” but this time, ‘the folk metal’ was more in the background; it did not even exist in some songs and that also disappointed me a lot. I also think that if Turisas2013 had been a concept album, the songs could have been less ‘all-over-the-place’ and that could have made the album way better.

Turisas2013 may be ideal for the people who love bands who experiment (a lot!)  but if you are a folk metal fan who wants to hear and feel the folk metal vibe, then you might be disappointed with Turisas2013.



  1. For Your Own Good
  2. Ten More Miles
  3. Piece By Piece
  4. Into The Free
  5. Run Bhang- Eater, Run!
  6. Greek Fire
  7. The Days Passed
  8. No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea
  9. We Ride Together

Turisas: The Official Battleground

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