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Insomnium – Shadows Of The Dying Sun

tekst: Frans Neelen

band: Insomnium
title: Shadows of the Dying Sun
genre: Melodic Death Metal
release: 28 april 2014
label: Century Media Records

Highly acclaimed melodic death metallers Insomnium definitely may crown themselves as the new emperors in this genre.

Being active since 1997, the band on each release showed further development in their music.

Their sixth album and second for Century Media is certainly no exception. Even the guitarist switch of Ville Vänni for Omnium Gatherum guitarist Markus Vanhala didn’t affect their style and execution. Insomnium plays death metal peppered with tons of melody and beautiful, innovative riffs.

Overall the mood is dark and melancholic with high guitar play reflecting heavy bass work. With every album the clean vocals and progressive pieces have increased.

Shadows Of The Dying Sun‘ is musically multi – multi layered. In reference to their successors you can say that the heavy parts are heavier and the softer parts are softer. The dark, sinister growling vocals of vocalist Nillo Sevänen are still more than present on their sixth album.

For fans there is no concern that Insomnium lose sight of their roots. This band has the quality to evolve without losing their musical background and most importantly rediscover melodic death-metal.

The more relentless and straightforward material are songs like “Black Heart Rebellion” (Blackened Death Metal) and “Ephemeral.” That last one was a fine cathcy chorus and has everything to become a live classic for sure. Songs which truly drown in beauty like “The Promethean Song”, “The River” and last but not least title track “Shadows of the Dying Sun“. It is an elegant, appealing combination of songs.


“Shadows of the Dying Sun” is again a bull’s eye by Insomnium. The album offers the full arsenal of what you can expect in melodic death metal and even more. Darkness, hope, reverie, sentiment , melancholy, desperation, power it all comes by with absolutely stunning melodic attentions.

It’s charming, it’s graceful and still undoubtedly metal. The beauty of songs like “The River” and the suburb “Shadows of the Dying Sun” are unmistakable and ear candy for everyone. As the band mentions in the title track “…we are nothing more than shadows…..” . Indeed we are, so cherish this album as long as you can.


01. The Primeval Dark
02. While We Sleep
03. Revelation
04. Black Heart Rebellion
05. Lose To Night
06. Collapsing Words
07. The River
08. Ephemeral
09. The Promethean Song
10. Shadows Of The Dying Sun



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