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Saille – Eldritch

tekst: Kees Schrijven

Saille-Eldritchband: Saille
album: Eldritch
genre: Symphonic black metal
release: 10 November 2014
label: code666


Sail or Saille is the name of the fourth letter of the Irish Ogham alphabet, meaning “willow”, pronunciation as sahl-yeh. Saille was founded by Dries Gaerdelen (keyboards) in 2008, in order to create his favorite style music: melodic black metal with a threatening and epic feel, like Tartaros, Limbonic Art and Keep of Kalessin.

Their debut album “Irreversible Decay” is recorded at the end of 2009 and finalized in September 2010. After being contacted by several labels, Saille chose to work with Code666 records and the album was released March 4th. 2011. At first Saille was only intended as a studio project, but it soon became clear the music should be brought to life and several live shows followed.

The live shows of their debut is concluded with a spot on Belgium’s biggest metal festival Graspop Metal Meeting 2012, followed by their appearance at the Eindhoven Metal Meeting, which was another highlight of that same year. In July 2012 the band hit the Shumcot studio again to record their second album “Ritu”.

The lyrics on this album are inspired by death rites in ancient cultures and Dennie Grondelaers (vocals) interest in H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu, and resulted in having a much darker setting on the album. Again classical skilled guest musicians were invited to to create the irreplaceable real sounds.

After two months of intense recording sessions, the final mix was finished in September and sent to the Norwegian mastering specialist Tom Kvalsvoll of Strype Audio.The result is the release in 2013 and a supporting tour with bands like Textures, Von, and The Monolith Deathcult.

Album Review

Eldritch” contains nine songs in which they integrated their favorite Horror literature. The album is recorded and mixed by Klas Blomgren, known for his work with Svart, the alter ego of Draug (Shining). The album will be presented in Belgium on a release show with Winterfylleth and again on Eindhoven Metal Meeting in The Netherlands.

When you put on this album, you immediately notice the incredible sound production, perfectly fitting their Music. ‘Emerald’ starts off the album, and shows what they are capable off, great symphonic dark metal, technical song structures, made into something the devil would be proud of. A bit of Cradle of Filth, mixed with Emperor, but with their own twist.

Walpurgis’ blasts away next, sheer power and horror here, full speed attack on this one, with some nice effects in there. While the brutality continues ‘The Great God Pan’ has a storytelling part in their, which completes the song perfectly.

Saille keeps a perfect mix of brutality and melody in their songs, great compositions. The band has some lengthy songs on this album, that easily reach over seven minutes, but never a moment it gets dull or boring, like ‘Aklo’.

These skilled musicians are geniuses in composing songs that will keep you listening with full attention, you will have to, to follow all that is going on, well done.

As ‘Cold War’ starts, I’m getting a cold feeling, this one has slower pace, and let’s you catch your breath for a moment, until Hell breaks loose again! An easy mid-piece breaks the total devastation, only to let it start again, in full brutal attack, which even reminds me a bit of Marduk.

’Eater of Worlds’ continues this album in hyper speed, with a lot of variation and melodies in it. The band has a lot to offer on this album, although I am not familiar with their earlier albums, I will need to give them a listen, as I think I am missing out on some great Music here. ‘Red Death’ continues the massacre in a somewhat slower pace, a brutal and heavy song.


The album is completed by ‘Dagon’ and ‘Carcosa’, two awesome songs that show what Saille is capable off, great musicianship is offered here, high quality metal with a perfect production. The sound and production of the album let’s you discover more and more each time you listen to it, so much in there, a very entertaining album from an awesome band!


1. Emerald
2. Walpurgis
3. The Great God Pan
4. Aklo
5. Cold War
6. Eater of Worlds
7. Red Death
8. Dagon
9. Carcosa


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