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Lacuna Coil – Broken Crown Halo

text: Gerianne Meijer

Lacuna Coilband: Lacuna Coil
title: Broken Crown Halo
genre: gothic metal
release: 31th March 2014
label: Century Media

Lacuna Coil is one of the most well know Italian metal bands. Now it is time for them to release their seventh studio album, released through Century Media.

The band has made some cracking songs in the past, but has also managed to disappoint a few times.

Opening track ‘Nothing Stands In Our way’ aligns with the current style of the band: catchy, not too heavy, but brought with a certain angriness and passion. To be honest this song is a bit plain and is more suitable to play in the background.

It does emit a certain power, courtesy of the vocals of Cristina Scabbia. I have always admired the singing style of this dark haired beauty. She always delivers and manages to sound strong and captivating.

This is also true for the chorus of ‘Zombies’. This track has some darker guitar riffs and catchy vocals by male singer Andrea Ferro. There are even some growls present, which make the song a refreshing change from the first track. Unfortunately there is too much repetition and the song is not strong enough to bear this.

‘Hostage To The Light’ is one of the more emotional tracks, with fragile vocals by Scabbia and a powerful chorus with soaring vocals to the edge of her range. It is reminiscent of the older, emotional ballads and therefore very pleasing to the ears. ‘Victims’ is catchy although it has some dark riffs and Cristina experiments more with her vocals. The chorus isn’t very exciting though, making it a bit bland.

‘Die And Rise’ is the first released track and it is rather male oriented with Andrea doing most of the vocals. It has rough bass and guitar lines as well, but a rather boring chorus (again) makes it one of the lesser songs on the album. The next three tracks drag on a bit as well, having some nice elements but nothing extra to to stand out.

After this ‘I Burn In You’ at least offers some nice oriental influences and haunting vocals by Cristina, which makes me believe that the band still has something to offer. ‘In The End I Feel Alive’ has a full sound with roaring guitars and strings. The vocals are up tempo and the chorus is powerful, as Cristina belts her lungs out.

The last track ‘One Cold dDy’ deserves special mention, because it has a very doomy, epic intro and fantastic vocals by Cristina. It has the deep, strong sound that the band can perform so well, but mostly fails to create nowadays. This has to be the best track of the album, easily strong and convincing of Lacuna Coil.


This new album by Lacuna Coil again confirms that the emotional, deep songs from their early days are gone. It is replaced by more defiant, catchy songs. There are some strong elements on “Broken Crown Halo” that are still distinctive like Cristina Scabbia’s vocals, some riffs and choruses. But most of the songs fail to grab you by the throat. Some because they are too repetitive, some because they are just not that interesting. There are a few good ones standing out and hopefully they are a sign of a return to form that suits the roots of Lacuna Coil more.


1. Nothing Stands In Our Way
2. Zombies
3. Hostage to the Light
4. Victims
5. Die & Rise
6. I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name)
7. Cybersleep
8. Infection
9. I Burn In You
10. In the End I Feel Alive
11. One Cold Day (Dedicated to deceased ex-bandmember Claudio Leo)

Cristina Scabbia – Female Vocals
Andrea Ferro – Male Vocals
Marco “Maki” Coti-Zelati – Bass, Keyboards, Synth
Maus – Guitars
Cristiano “Pizza” Migliore – Guitars
CriZ Mozzati – Drums


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Metal Female Voices Fest – quality level is increased on eleventh edition

text: Silviapd
photo: Monica Duffels

Lacuna Coil MFVF XI 19-10-2013 005 door Monica DuffelsAfter the jubilee edition of ten years Metal Female Voices Fest, the question raise if it is still possible to offer fans an exciting program after such a long time.

Frankly since the beginning in 2003 there are bands on the list returning almost every year. That is still the case, but MFVF is developed in a professional festival.

What means that bands are presenting a higher quality, also the opening bands and not only the headliners. The stage set-up is more professional and there is less delay between acts, meaning that fans don’t have to wait. Also the amount of seats is increased and there is more food.

Chaostar MFVF XI 19-10-2013 002 door Monica DuffelsOn a festival likes this, where people meet from all over the world, the social aspect is higher than on other indoor festivals. In that atmosphere it is important that fans have a contact moment with their favourite bands.

Rock Tribune provides signing sessions of almost all the bands. Its pretty amazing seeing fans waiting so patiently in – often – a long queue.

Walking in when Serenity is finishing their set, isn’t the best timing. The progressive power metal band from Austria is touring intensively last years with Kamelot and Delain, doing them good. Singer Georg Neuhauser is confident on stage and each time his voice impresses me.

Since female vocalist Clementine Delauney joined, the group became stronger. ‘War Of Ages’ is a challenging album, showing that Kamelot has a real competitor (their last album is more over a repeating of what they did in the past).

Chaostar comes from Greece and adds a real own sound to todays program. There are traditional instruments on stage, a violin and also electronic arrangements mixed with Eastern vibes.

Kobra and the Lotus MFVF XI 19-10-2013 005 door Monica DuffelsThe tall blond Androniki Skoula, dressed in red is quite an appearance. Her voice is high, and bombastic. It is nice when she use folk influences. An old song comes with an plan flute.

Skull is a good storyteller and that makes her performance authentic, although sometimes she is busier posing than seeking for interaction with her band members.

The quality level of bands is increasing and there are more bands showing a wider spectrum of the female voices. It is not only about high, bombastic voices anymore and that is a good development concerning the diversity.

Kobra and The Lotus is a heavy hard rock band coming from Canada. They are active since 2008, although their debut is released this year. Recently touring with Halestorm increases their fan base all over Europe.

Asrai MFVF XI 19-10-2013 005 door Monica Duffels

Also Brittainy Paige is an eye catcher on stage; not only having a strong, powerful voice but also a dynamic performance that comes with such a sound (heavy guitars and drums). It is important for a singer to find a balanced sound without losing tension. Paige understands that pretty good and it is a pitty the sounds is too massive in Wieze.

Last minute Dutch dark gothic band Asrai is added to the program, replacing Visions Of Atlantis. They aren’t touring that much, so it is a nice surprise to see them in Wieze.

Immediately Asrai grabs the attention, their sound is fresh and heavy at the same time. There is a new face in the band and recently EP ‘Between Dreams And Destiny’ is released. Some new songs are played and the general impression is a heavier, darker sound.

Asrai MFVF XI 19-10-2013 006 door Monica DuffelsThe show is dynamic and vivid. The circumstances are harder on such a big stage; there is less frontlight and that makes it harder to follow the movements of the band members (especially the keyboards and drums are hidden in the dark).

Stay With Me’ is a well-known song and its soon crowed in front of the stage. Magriet Mol is a strong frontlady, not only having a great voice but also reaching the audience easily with her performance.

Her movements are very expressive, carried by the catchy melody. Add a rising beat and drums of Karin Mol and there is immediately a strong interaction.

The whole day the venue is half empty, the real fans are gathered in the front but many people are walking around. During Asrai it is finally more crowded in the back, it’s after five so the camping is awake too.

Kontrust MFVF XI 19-10-2013 003 door Monica DuffelsFor many the first Dutch band is a real highlight, and it is not easy to top their energy. Luckily Kontrust is more than capable to raise the energy level. The crossover band from Austria is ready to make a big party with their contagious sound.

The mixture between screams, drumbeats, heavy guitars and even reggae influences makes the band special. Their sound is impossible to compare with any other band and that is already impressive nowadays.

More than the music their live performance is striking. The duets between frontlady Agata and male singer Steve are the real eye-cather, especially the show elements like red flags around the microphone and hand puppets. Without any doubt they are the most spontaneous, humoristic band on stage today.

Leaves Eyes MFVF XI 19-10-2013 003 door Monica DuffelsThe first headliner of the day is German band Leaves’ Eyes. On Friday Liv Kristine performed solo for the fist time in this area, and today it is full force accompanied by the whole band.

It’s the kick-off from a new worldwide tour, in November  ‘Symphonies of the Night‘ will be released. An album that live will impress the most, because it shows the strength of this formation; on stage Liv Kristine totally has control over every detail and every tone in her voice. What makes it fascinating to look at.

Over twenty years she is still one of the top vocalists in the gothic metal scene and for a very good reason. There is nobody like her, the lightness in her voice and the technics to create a soft – and then bombastic sound.

New songs are presented today, among them ‘Galswintha’ that reflects the new path of the band. It is darker, heavier, stronger, bombastic and easily fitting in the clear voice of Liv Kristine.

Leaves Eyes MFVF XI 19-10-2013 004 door Monica DuffelsAfter the semi-acoustic opening of Thorsten Bauer on guitar, the show is strong and bombastic. The beauty and the beast concept of male vocalist Alexander Krull in combination with his wife on stage, is still attractive. Many fans are waiting for songs like ‘Elegy’ or ‘My Destiny‘ and singing along. It is really crowded also in the back.

Each time the musicians are getting stronger on stage, and the new material makes it more appealling. It is rare that a band has such a dynamic career and still is open for new influences. Today Leaves’ Eyes surpasses themselves once again in the most powerful way imaginable.

Delain is the second headliner of the evening, presenting a special set with guests. One of them is Sharon den Adel, and surely many Within Temptation fans are in the crowd. Both bands have some similarities, like having mainstream success, besides the family bound.

Delain MFVF XI 19-10-2013 005 door Monica DuffelsCharlotte Wessels dressed in white this time, is definitely not the strongest vocalist from today. She has a strong pop-orientated voice, instead of the bombastic ones today, but that is a matter of taste.

The band is a strong well balanced formation, mainly Charlotte shows the capability of entertaining a large fan base. The songs are well performed by all musicians and it is smart of them to invite guests on the stage to make it more exclusive. Serenity’s Georg Neuhauser fits beautifully, resulting in a dynamic duet.

Then at the very last songs, the woman that is an example for so many singers enters the stage. Almost unrecognizable in black, Sharon den Adel blows away Wieze. Even old Winthin Temptation song is played ‘Restless‘, with Martijn Westerholt behind the piano. After a long set, Delain says goodbye and of course their big hit ‘The Gathering’ is the perfect adrenaline rush, including catchy guitars and uprising drums.

Delain MFVF XI 19-10-2013 007 door Monica Duffels

The Italian band Lacuna Coil has the honor to close the evening, also playing a special set. For the fans ‘Karmacode‘ album from 2006 is played entirely. That doesn’t mean that well known songs from their ‘Comalies‘ period aren’t forgotten.

The format of strong duets between male vocalist Andrea Ferro and beauty Cristina Scabbia is familiar and working well as a trademark worldwide. In fairness there is nothing new presented by them. Since their show on the Lowlands festival in 2007 Lacuna Coil is pretty disappointing ever since.

Lacuna Coil MFVF XI 19-10-2013 005 door Monica Duffels

It seems the band has an ‘American’ air around them, somehow not willing to deliver live anymore. The sound is often pretty bad. Each performance on MFVF is loud, what makes it pretty annoying to listen to them.

Above that the show is familiar and I can’t discover any pleasure or happiness, just an automatic pilot. There is no front light what makes it hard to see their faces.

Something that is a downside the whole day; bands are moving and there is no real light in the front or in the back. A spotlight is definitely necessary, more than beautiful laserlights.

The guest performances made MFVF XI a success today and the social reunion created a special atmosphere; there are people from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Japan. That is enough prove that the festival is still standing strong!

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Huntenpop – verscheidenheid aan bands en spannende circus act

foto’s en tekst: Monica Duffels

Dit jaar vindt de 23ste editie plaats van het muziekfestival Huntenpop in het plaatsje Ulft. Voor velen is dit het gezelligste festival van de Achterhoek. Met een dynamische programmering legt de organisatie de lat steeds hoger.

De sfeer is zeker gemoedelijk en het mooie weer maakt het extra gezellig. Met een kleinschalige opzet en een keur aan activiteiten, is er voor jong en oud wel wat te beleven.Voor de kinderen is er bijvoorbeeld de circusact van Le Cirque Du Platzak. Sommigen vermaken zich uitstekend met het verzamelen van plastic bekers, om dat in te ruilen voor munten.

Er is een festivalmarkt en er zijn enkele kermisattracties aanwezig. Met voldoende keus aan eten en drinken, wordt ook aan de inwendige mens gedacht. Uiteraard draait het op dit festival voornamelijk om de muziek.

De organisatie heeft een grote verscheidenheid aan bands weten te programmeren, zoals de populaire Miss Montreal, Racoon, de folkband Bellowhead, de Spaanse feestband Muchachito Bombo Infierno, de Italiaanse gothic metal band Lacuna Coil en de alternatieve act Blood Red Shoes.

De bands worden aangekondigd door Coen en Sander, Dj’s bij 3FM. Zij doen dit met verve en zorgt voor een vrolijke toon tussen de acts door. De headliner van het festival is de Vlaamse band Triggerfinger die het publiek versteld doet staan met hun vuige gitaarrock.

Degenen die nog energie over hebben, begeven zich naar de tent waar Sister Bliss, bekend van Faithless, een dj-set verzorgt. De grote verscheidenheid aan band springt eruit dit weekend met een mooie aankleding. De organisatie van Huntenpop kan terugkijken op een geslaagde editie.

Fotoreportage Huntenpop

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Metal Female Voices Fest – special anniversary and contest

Belgium festival Metal Female Voices Fest celebrates this year their tenth anniversary.  At the moment more bands are added and the line-up is getting better and better. Arch EnemyLacuna Coil, Epica, Delain and Xandria are the headliners.

On 19,20 and 21 October 2012 in Oktoberhalle, Wieze in Belgium te anniversary will take place. Three days filled wit excellent bands: MFVF wants to excel all previous editions. Rising talents and famous bands are united together. From all over the world coming to this unique indoor festival.


Also there is a new contest ‘The Rock Station’ by Sander Gommans (songwriter and guitarist ex-After Forever). When you are a solo musician, or play in a band, you are welcome to join this special contest. Gommans will begin an all-in-one music academy. Besides songwriting for many projects like Trillium, he wants to assist musicians in every possible way.

All you have to do is submit a demo song or Youtube clip to and “Like” Only one song will be chosen, giving the winning artist the opportunity to work together with Sander Gommans on taking your music career to the next level. The prize will consist of a recording of two new songs in The Rock Station including vocal coaching, a band workshop, a songwriting or band management workshop.


Arch Enemy
Benighted Soul
69 Chambers
Diabulus In Musica
Lacuna Coil
Meden Agan
Sarah Jezebel Deva
Seduce The heaven
Skeptical Minds
Trail Of Tears


Tickets are 77.30 euros for two days and a one day ticket is 55.30 euros. You can order it online on Metaltix or for local orders. More international online selling websites on:
Selling points are Free Record shop Benelux and Primeria in The Netherlands. New is Billetterie Belle-Ile in Liège.

Online VIP tickets are sold-out; only tickets in Aalst and Brussels are available on sale.

More information about MFVF and facilities on:

Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline

22/01/2012 2 comments

text: Helena Torstensson

band: Lacuna Coil
album: Dark Adrenaline
genre: Metal/Alternative
release: 22 January 2012
label: Century Media Records

Lacuna Coil is an Italian metal band that was formed in 1994. Since the start the band has changed their name two times (Sleep of Right and Ethereal),  some change in the line-up have also occurred. Before their latest album ‘Dark Adrenaline’ the band has released five studio albums and two EP’s.

The first single and song is “Trip the Darkness.” It begins with a rough guitar and drum intro followed by Andrea Ferro’s dark vocals. Soon Cristina Scabbia joins in with surprisingly demanding vocals.

This song comes with an awesome video, that really captures the atmosphere and the meaning of the lyrics in a special way. It´s beautifully directed by the Sitcom Soldiers.

Give Me Something More” special.  It begins pretty slow, but becomes very powerful when the chorus sets in. All through the song you can enjoy the mix of calm and fast parts that makes this song so good. A dynamic and strong presentation where Lacuna Coil stands for.

End of Time” is the song where I keep returning to on this album. It made a great impression on me from the first time I listened to it.  Every time I hear it, I feel the need to repeat it one or two more times. The sound is powerful yet not drowning out the vocals that easily can be heard.

I adore the melody and lyrics in this song, the chorus easily stays in your head. And I really enjoy the guitars you hear in it. Compared to other songs on this album this one shows a different side of Lacuna Coil. I would love to hear more of in the future. For me this is the obvious next single, but time will tell.

Another song that made a strong impression is “The Army Inside.” It starts with a guitar intro and Andrea Ferro is more an eye catcher. The mix of male and female vocals fits perfectly. Together creating a strong sound, carried by heavy  guitars and drums. I like the intensity that this song brings, the impressive chorus and the way it´s build up.


Dark Adrenaline’ is Lacuna Coil´s sixth album and after spending some time listening to the songs, I think the title of the album fits like a glove. In my opinion they all kind of dwell in darkness and present a darker atmosphere that really comes through brilliantly in the end.

Also I must say that Lacuna Coil really are developing in the right direction, sticking to their own sound and adding some cool elements that proves they are willing to experiment. They sure are taking off in a new direction and I am very curious to experience this album live!


1. Trip the Darkness
2. Against You
3. Kill the Light
4. Give Me Something More
5. Upside Down
6. End of Time
7. I Don´t Believe in Tomorrow
8. Intoxicated
9. The Army Inside
10. Losing My Religion
11. Fire
12. My Spirit

Cristina Scabbia – Vocals
Andrea Ferro – Vocals
Marco Coti Zelati – Bass
Cristiano Migliore – Guitars
Marco ‘Maus’ Biazzi – Guitars
Cristiano ‘CriZ’ Mozzati – Drums


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Lacuna Coil – foto verslag optreden Bibelot

foto’s: Marc de Jong

Op zondag 27 november maakte de Italiaanse band Lacuna Coil zijn entree in de Bibelot, Dordrecht. Als enig optreden op de Europese tour ‘Dark Rising‘ om de fans op te warmen voor het nieuwe album wat in Februari uit zal komen.

Dit zesde album ‘Dark Adrenaline’ zal donkerder en ‘heavier’ worden aldus Cristina Scabbia, de frontvrouw van de band. Sinds de doorbraak van deze pittige gothic-metal band in 20o2, is Lacuna Coil een vaste pionier in dit genre. Vele tours, festival volgden.

Met ‘Comalies‘ (derde album, Century Media) zette de band zichzelf op de kaart, toen deden ze ook Bibelot aan. En speelden ze de zaal plat met het typerende geluid van Cristina, met tegenpool zanger Andrea Ferro. Dit keer weet de band wederom te overtuigen. Door de jaren heen is Lacuna Coil meer opgeschoven van de gothic naar meer nu-metal.

Met de producer voor de nieuw plaat, Don Gilmore(Linkin Park, Pearl Jam), nemen de Italianen een nieuw stap voorwaarts. Sinds de zomer is de band druk aan het schrijven en Cristina zegt daarover: “We wrote a little bit of everything ’cause we didn’t really know what clear direction we wanted to follow. We know that we wanted to go heavier and darker, because that’s we like, that’s what we are, but we felt free to throw every idea in the pot.

Met deze tour is wel duidelijk dat Lacuna Coil nog steeds sterk staat, en de succes formule doorzet in een vernieuwende sound.

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